Fast Forward Webinar 3: Remote Online Orientation with Tenstreet

Remote Online Orientation with Tenstreet Webinar: Remote Online Orientation

Marilyn Surber of Tenstreet presents her expert advice that will explain the new integration capabilities between Tenstreet and Infiniti-I Workforce Solutions, including remote online orientation.

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Fast Forward Webinar 2: What Is Your COVID-19 Liability?

What Is Your COVID-19 Liability Webinar: What Is Your COVID-19 Liability?

In this webinar,  we discuss the possible legal liabilities you might face during and after the current crisis.

Be a crisis problem-solver! The most efficient way to tackle a problem is to anticipate its occurrence. Download a FREE... Read More

Fast Forward Webinar 1: Characteristics of Great Trucking Companies

Characteristics of Great Trucking Companies Webinar: Characteristics of Great Trucking Companies

In this webinar, we discuss what the major characteristics of the best trucking companies include.

This hour-long webinar will cover:

Management Financial Statements Business Growth Strong Safety Culture Driver Compensation And... Read More

Webinar: Dan Baker’s Cultural Relationship Program

Learn how improving your driver retention is a team effort.

Sign up for a complimentary webinar as Dan Baker, trucking’s Senior Statesman, discusses how to develop a company culture that improves retention by building positive working employee relationships.

The question is no longer, “What do I have to do to recruit more drivers... Read More

Client Spotlight: Billy May

Join us for a Q&A session with Billy May, VP of Safety for No Boundaries Trucking Group, Inc. No Boundaries is the second-largest FedEx contractor by the number of trucks, but they run the most miles of any FedEx contractor at 13-15 million miles a year.

In this webinar Billy will discuss:

Concerns with... Read More

Attracting & Retaining Female Drivers

Find out why women choose a driving career, what do they look for when they make the decision to become a professional driver, what makes them stay with a carrier and what makes them leave.  Ellen Voie, President/CEO of the Women In Trucking Association will share their research and best practices in hiring and keeping female... Read More

Independent Contractors in the Transportation Industry

The independent contractor model in the transportation industry has come under attack on a variety of fronts. Today, more than ever before, transportation companies must understand the legal aspects of managing a fleet of independent contractors.  Complete the form below to download the webinar, transportation attorney... Read More

Costly Legal Mistakes Waiting to Happen: Why You Need to Know What’s in Your Files

Here is a short outline of the talking points for the webinar:

Tariffs and the High-Value Cargo Claims – The ICC Termination Act of 1995 no longer requires motor carriers transporting property to maintain a tariff, so why should you have one? Duty to Read – Did you know that your company will be bound (subject to... Read More

Employee Handbooks: Policy Updates You Need to Make

When was the last time you updated your employee handbook? For many companies, the answer could mean bad news. If you are ever faced with litigation, an outdated employee handbook could make the hot water you’re in even hotter.

In this hour-long webinar, you will learn:

What new court, legislative, and regulatory... Read More

What to Do Before & After OSHA Knocks: An Interactive Look at the Legal Aspects of OSHA and Citation Defense

Do you know how the Secretary of Labor’s right to enforce the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) may potentially affect your business? More importantly, do you know the step-by-step legal process your company should follow if a citation is issued?

In this hour-long webinar, you will learn:

What... Read More
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