Clients of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions receive unlimited access to over 800 training videos and modules in our Resource library, including content offered in English, Spanish, and French.

Premium content is for Infinit-I clients looking to meet a highly specialized training need in their transportation company or private fleets, such as CDL training or driver / dispatcher relationship improvement. Infinit-I also offers premium services such as driver / employee surveys and dynamic driver checklists.

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Infinit-I Premium Features

Dynamic Driver Checklists 

Improve your company’s productivity management by implementing a dynamic checklist into your Infinit-I Workforce system. E-checklists improve internal communication, performance tracking, and safety documentation.

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Infinit-I Premium Content

Online CDL Training

Recognized as the most effective Commercial Driver’s License training program on the market, Infinit-I’s CDL training is based on the acclaimed educational approach of microlearning. Infinit-I CDL training is offered for both transportation companies and individual drivers.

Driver / Dispatcher Relationship Training by Dan Baker

Drivers are leaving the industry because of the strained relationship between drivers and dispatchers, studies show. Dan Baker, a nationally recognized speaker in the trucking industry, speaks to your dispatchers through weekly videos designed to build a positive relationship between drivers and dispatchers within your company.


Engage Expert Boot Camp Seminars

Learn how to digitally transform your safety program, retain employees, safeguard your organization, lower training costs, attract better drivers, improve communication, increase insurability, and more.

Engage Academy

For Clients Only

Quickly learn how to build and implement a best-in-class training program for your specific company/industry.

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