New Employee's Perception of Your Company Begins with Your Onboarding and Orientation Process

A driver’s first impression of your company is critical. Drivers will decide if they will stay or leave your company within the first 72 hours of driver orientation.

Your onboarding process guides new employees through understanding your company’s expectations and goals.

With the average cost to replace a single truck driver being over $10,000, it’s now more important than ever to earn the loyalty of your workforce. The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions digital training system cuts your costs, saves you time, and keeps your drivers loyal.

Digitally Transform Your Onboarding Process:

  • Reduce orientation time by 33% to 50%
  • Reduce orientation/onboarding cost by up to 50%
  • Easily pre-qualify new hires
  • Increase information retention

Training Management System Return on Investment (ROI):

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Segment your transportation orientation to deliver information clearly & concisely



Basic paperwork, initial training modules, and new hire documentation

Infinit-I allows you to store custom content in the resources center, allowing new-hire access to all necessary info before they start in-house orientation


On-Site Training

ONLY tasks that are pertinent with office references

Handle employee pre-orientation documentation and training before brining new hires in to ensure a smoother in-person orientation process



Self-paced, microlearning for improved comprehension and understanding

Determine who will be most committed to their roles and identify the employees that are the best fit for your company with online orientation training

The majority of Infinit-I clients have cut their onboarding time and costs by 33% to over 50%

How Infinit-I can improve your driver onboarding…

Digital onboarding makes drivers feel valued

With driver turnover rate nearing 100%, trucking companies need a simple and consistent way of communicating with new hires. Onboarding through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions ensures that every driver receives communication from your company in exactly the way you’ve intended.

Custom digital communication keeps drivers loyal to you

Truckers care deeply about the state of the company they’re driving for. Infinit-I ensures your drivers are receiving accurate communication directly from you, instead of hearing about your company from someone else. Creating custom onboarding content, such as a welcome video message from your CEO, is just one of the many advantages of a digitally transformed onboarding process.

Online onboarding helps to identify better employees and improves driver pre-qualification

Our clients have found that digital onboarding helps them identify their best employees and “weed out” drivers who are not committed to their job.

Ready to digitally transform onboarding with Infinit-I?

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Online Training Platform Gives You Access to a Dedicated Client Success Team Who Will Guide You Through:

  • Creating, uploading, and sending orientation documents
  • Reviewing and acknowledging pre-orientation documents
  • Setting up automated notifications for incomplete orientation training
  • Making the system work for you so you can reach company goals

Request a demo today to see the Infinit-I system in action!

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“We chose to outsource to Vertical Alliance… to help us manage some of our new entrant driver processing functions, like those pre-employment hurdles related to commercial driver permits. We knew it would be cost effective… but what we did not anticipate was the human resource value. The system actually helps us identify our future best employees. Shortly after launching the system, we discovered that the applicants who finish the online process are the initiative takers and have a level of self discipline that translates into a superior driver. It weeds out those individuals who aren’t serious about their careers.”
Swift Transportation
Tim McLain



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