Grant Parish School Board

Kecia Nugent

Transportation Supervisor

“Grant Parish School Board initially purchased the Infinit-I for Schools program for use in the transportation department. Then we quickly realized that the program could be utilized system wide. Infinit-I for Schools has made recordkeeping for state mandated training, for every employee, extremely easy. Our human resource department no longer has to keep up with thousands of completion certificates and who has not completed their training. Now we just print a report! That easy! As for the transportation department, Infinit-I for Schools offers numerous training modules for school bus drivers and attendants. Trying to get bus drivers and attendants together at each school every month for safety training is a thing of the past. With Infinit-I for Schools modules and testing, I know the drivers and attendants are getting the needed information. We also count those minutes/hours toward our annual certification time requirements. Grant Parish has just begun to use Infinit-I for Schools system wide. There are many ways that this program can be used to make training and verification so much easier, such as posting notices on the main page where everyone logs in, verification of receipt of documents, messages, etc. We are using Infinit-I for Schools to document receipt of handbooks, policy manuals and documents that are required to be given to each employee every year. We have transitioned into using Infinit-I for Schools fairly easily. The support and help from Infinit-I for Schools is unequal to any software support team I have dealt with previously. I highly recommend Infinit-I for Schools!”

Jenkins County Board of Education

Talmadge Fries

Transportation Coordinator

“At the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, I was appointed the new Transportation Coordinator for the Jenkins County School System. I knew that several things needed to be changed, I was a driver for 22 years and I drew upon that experience. One thing that I wanted to change was emergency evacuations – the way we did things did not work. I made several changes. First, I supplied the Infinit-I Workforce System Emergency Evacuation training to all grade levels and all schools, so it could be presented in the classroom on the smart boards and PowerPoint systems. This was done when the students could not go outside because of weather. This way, class instruction time was not interrupted with the students going out to a bus for evacuation training during class. Second, all drivers were given Emergency Evacuation training and the Infinit-I Workforce System Emergency Training was used for classroom training. Third, all drivers were required to do evacuation training with their bus three times a year and sign the proper documentation. On October 27, 2009, when Mr. Anfield evacuated the bus, the training proved to be deciding factor, the students were calm and everyone exited the bus safely.”

White Oak ISD

Scott Stagner

Transportation Supervisor

“Infinit-I Workforce System has been very beneficial to us at White Oak ISD. Safety of our children is our number one priority. Through their webinars and modules, Infinit-I Workforce System provides our transportation team with reminders of our role in this process. We are constantly trying to improve our department, and Infinit-I Workforce System helps us tremendously.”

Brady ISD

Mike Hagan

Transportation Director

“I have enjoyed using Infinit-I for Schools videos. The program is easy to use, time efficient, and the videos cover the whole gamut of what a bus driver needs to know. I also like the fact that as Infinit-I for Schools develops and adds videos to their menu, they are offered to be added to our site at no extra charge. It is hard to get very many drivers together at once to view other individual videos. With Infinit-I for Schools, each driver can watch independently at his/her own pace, or I can assign certain videos with a completion date. Finally, I have found Infinit-I for Schools to be very well worth the money. You can’t beat it!”

Greenville ISD

Laura Carter

Transportation Director

“My trainer and I just attended the Engage Evaluation Program for Schools today, and we learned a lot more about the program we’ve been using since 2008. I love the Infinit-I Workforce System because it enables me to have reports about all the training that my drivers complete; it even helped me with a federal report for the Head Start program. Since starting the Infinit-I Workforce System in 2008, we have increased the training for each driver every year. We also have additional training for our Special Ed drivers and monitors. Also when there is an accident, or a need for retraining in some area, we are able to visit with each driver and assign them videos that are appropriate to the action that’s been taken or not taken. I can’t say enough about how important this program has been to our district, and we learned more today of things we can implement that we didn’t even know we could do. I’m very excited and I would highly suggest that every district use the Infinit-I Workforce System.”

Puxico R-8 Schools

Roy Davis

Transportation Director

“I’ve used a lot of training material in my career, and I have found Infinit-I for Schools to be among the best. The ease of use for the drivers, and the detailed reports for me, make it the most cost and time saving way to train. You can even use it for safety meetings and in-service training. Plugin the laptop, go online, pick a subject, and you have training.  Infinit-I for Schools takes something as important as training and makes it easy, time saving, cost effective, and relevant for our needs. Their service and support are second to none. They are a great partner in transportation training.”

Lewistown Public Schools

Kathleen Schaeffer

Driver Trainer

“Thank you for the great Infinit-I for Schools driver training program. Programs such as this have been long overdue and your continued advancement of new and innovative additions to the program are exciting and fresh.  In as much as it is our belief that nothing should replace face-to-face driver training, Infinit-I for Schools is an effective and valuable addition to our transportation staff training program. Having the ability to schedule training modules for an entire group, or to schedule a specific training module to individuals to improve their knowledge and understanding, is an invaluable tool. It is enhanced by the included feature of maintaining permanent records of all of the trainings completed in the Infinit-I for Schools program. Our staff appreciates the quality of the training modules as well as the ability to study independently in the comfort of individual personal settings. Lewistown Public Schools Transportation Department thanks you for your vision and your commitment to assist us in the training of our transportation staff – to help them be safe and effective school bus drivers.”

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