How Infinit-I can help prevent OS&D

Overages, shortages, and damages cost private fleets copious amounts of time and money. Infinit-I’s effective OS&D micro training for private fleets improves driver behavior, reducing costs for your transportation company.

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Deliver Unique OS&D Training for Specific Clients/Industries

All your employees’ training is tracked, recorded, and logged within the digital system for automated and simplified reporting. Additionally, any corrective action training that needs to occur for a certain employee can be automated within the system. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions saves your company time, cuts costs, and keeps drivers loyal to your business.

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Upload Your Own OS&D Video Training Content, at no additional cost

If you already have your own OS&D training that works well for your business, your training materials can be digitized and uploaded into our Infinit-I system at no additional cost. This improves the effectiveness of your current OS&D training by automating digital records of employee productivity in regards to overages, shortages, and damages.

Reduce OS&D Expenses with Infinit-I

“The formalization of our OS&D process and procedures, including the proper checking and reporting of temperature controlled shipments, the increased effort to properly secure the freight, and an enhanced monitoring of OS&D incidents, has allowed SRT to reduce its OS&D expenses. This has produced a dollar reduction of over 75% for OS&D expenses.”
Southern Refrigerated Transport
Jim Dodd, CFO

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