Why Infinit-I LMS? Private fleets require digital employee training software specifically designed for the industry today

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions offers digital driver safety video content training specifically designed for today’s private fleets. With over 1000 training videos found in the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions catalog, every type of transportation company, including private fleets, can benefit from our employee training software.

Each Infinit-I Workforce Solutions video is focused on an important driver safety topic, and is between 3 to 7 minutes long on average. The videos harness each driver’s inherent ability to improve their performance in the field – creating long-lasting behavioral changes within your company’s safety practices.

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Infinit-I’s average video length is between 3 and 7 minutes, while our competitors’ videos are an average of 30 to 60 minutes each. Drivers find it hard to retain information from an hour-long video, and long videos are difficult to complete on mobile devices.

By comparison, each video of Infinit-I’s microlearning modules are intently focused on one succinct topic, which improves the driver’s comprehension of the material.

Infinit-I For Private Fleets: Client Testimonial

We needed a way to keep our drivers up-to-date on recurrent training requirements under DOT and OSHA regulations. Now, instead of having to pull drivers off the road for routine safety talks, they can receive updates on timely topics like CSA BASICS, FMCSA, and PHMSA, and relevant topics like OSHA, either from their home-based computers or from laptops with internet connectivity. Not only have the training programs been well received by our drivers, they have also helped increase productivity and equipment utilization, allowing the drivers to spend more time on the road and less time in the classroom. Nothing will ever replace face-to-face classroom training, but now we can concentrate those efforts on the more complex subjects.”
EH&S Compliance Programs Action Resources
Douglas R. Carothers, Manager

Your Dedicated Client Success Team is here to help

Your Client Success Representatives (CSRs) works with you to ensure your company is successfully utilizing our system. Your CSRs will field all technology questions or concerns from drivers and set up a customized reporting system for your company that makes assigning and analyzing training as easy as pushing a button.

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