Driver turnover is at 94% across the industry. Why?

Key factors contributing to the high driver turnover rate include:
Lack of safety training

A recent study found that drivers are more likely to leave an employer if they’ve received poor safety training.

Lack of driver recognition

Drivers want to feel recognized and appreciated for their good driving records, safety practices, and hard work.

Dispatcher/driver relations

Dispatcher behavior is a key influence on a driver’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your trucking company.

With driver turnover costs surpassing $10,000 per driver, your company can’t afford to ignore driver retention.

How Infiniti-I Workforce Solutions boosts your driver retention practices

A majority of driver turnover happens in the first 90 days of hire. Infinit-I provides a better onboarding experience for your new drivers.

With Infinit-I, drivers complete their orientation when it is convenient for them. This means less missed work, less downtime between jobs, and more money in the driver’s pocket. The Infinit-I system can assign orientation materials 30 to 90 days after orientation, which improves assimilation into the new job.

40% of employees who receive poor training will leave within a year, studies show. Infinit-I provides consistent, ongoing, and quality training.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can be utilized to deliver training to drivers during pre-orientation and throughout their entire employment with your company. For every delivery, your employees will know exactly where to go, what to do, and how to do it – resulting in less frustration for both parties.

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Infinit-I helps drivers succeed, building driver loyalty.

When drivers are out on the road, they often experience detachment from your company’s internal communication. This is a huge problem, because studies have found that drivers who feel “out of the loop” of company communication are more likely to leave. With Infinit-I, your company executives can instantly communicate with all your drivers around the country, building driver loyalty and decreasing your driver turnover rate.

Infinit-I improves driver/dispatcher relations with premium content

The Driver Dispatcher Relationship Series with Dan Baker is premium content delivered through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions. This video series is uniquely designed to help dispatchers communicate more effectively with drivers, resulting in more driver appreciation and less confrontation. Get more info on our exclusive driver/dispatcher relations content.

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