Digitization & Documentation Reporting

Transportation digital documentation and reporting enhances your productivity, protects you from litigation, reduces workers comp claims, and increases adherence to your company’s policies.

Paper records are a liability to your transportation company

Nearly 8% of all paper documents are lost, and 3% of paper documents are misfiled. Unless your system is digitized, the number of paper records in your office will double every 3 years.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

A third-party company estimates a 40% document-related cost reduction for every company with a learning management system like Infinit-I. Another estimates a 20% time savings increase based on workflow efficiencies. Increased efficiency can save your company up to 6,000 hours annually, or 2.4 full-time staff positions.

Sources: Gartner, Inc. and Laserfiche

“The golden rule for transportation documentation: If it’s not Documented, Signed, and Dated, then it didn’t happen!”
Bassett Firm, Trucking Attorney
Mike H. Bassett

Benefits of effective safety training documentation for transportation companies

  • Protects you in court depositions, DOT audits, insurance audits, etc.
  • Lowers your CSA scores
  • Increases your company’s insurability
  • Reduces workers comp claims
  • Reduces insurance premiums – which has saved large transportation companies millions of dollars

Seeing is Believing

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With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions as your employee training software, you can…

  • Relax during training audits
  • Silence plaintiff’s attorneys
  • Breeze through depositions
  • Streamline record keeping
  • Pull custom & automated reports
  • Greatly reduce paper documentation
  • Automatically email out custom reports as often as you’d like
  • See which drivers have been assigned training, including what training they’ve completed and when they logged into the system

Digital safety training documentation testimonial

“[Infiniti-I] made [our deposition] a lot easier. Especially when I have a plaintiff’s attorney that is subpoenaing training records. I know that I’ve got everything they need. Amen! to [digital] record keeping. All I have to do is go in and punch a button, and I get whatever I need.”
KLLM Transport
Ricky Parker, Director of Safety


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