CSMS HM Compliance BASIC Violations

SectionViolation Description Shown on Driver/Vehicle Examination Report Given to CMV Driver after Roadside InspectionViolation Group DescriptionViolation Severity Weight 13Violation in the DSMS (Y/N)
171.2(a)Failure to comply with HM regulationsHM Other2Y
171.2(b)Failure to comply with the requirements for HM transportation (including labeling and handling)HM Other2Y
171.2(c)Representing a package./container for HM not meeting specsMarkings – HM5N
171.2(f)Transporting HM not in accordance with this partPackage Integrity – HM8Y
171.2(g)Cargo tank does not comply with HM RegulationsPackage Integrity – HM8N
171.2(k)Representing vehicle with HM, none presentMarkings – HM5Y
172.200(a)No shipping paper provided by offerorDocumentation – HM3N
172.201(a)(1)Hazrdous Materials not distinguished from non-Hazardous MaterialsDocumentation – HM3N
172.201(a)(2)Hazardous Materials description not printed legibly in EnglishDocumentation – HM3N
172.201(a)(3)Hazardous Materials description contains abbreviation or codeDocumentation – HM3N
172.201(a)(4)Additional information not after Hazardous Materials basic descriptionDocumentation – HM3N
172.201(c)Failure to list page number of pagesDocumentation – HM3N
172.201(d)ER phone number not listedDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(a)(1)Improper shipping nameDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(a)(2)Improper hazard classDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(a)(3)Wrong or no ID numberDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(a)(4)No packing group listedDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(a)(5)Total quantity not listedDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(b)Basic description not in proper sequenceDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(c)Total quantity improper locationDocumentation – HM3N
172.202(e)Non Hazardous Material entered with class or ID#Documentation – HM3N
172.203(a)Exemption number not listedDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(b)Limited quantity not shownDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(c)(1)Hazardous substance entry missingDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(c)(2)RQ not on shipping paperDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(1)Radionuclide name not on shipping paperDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(10)No indication for Highway Route Controlled Quantity of Class 7 “HRCQ” on shipping paperDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(2)No RAM physical or chemical formDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(3)No RAM activityDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(4)No RAM label categoryDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(5)No RAM transport indexDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(6)No fissile radioactive entryDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(7)No DOE/NRC package approval notationDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(8)Export package or foreign made package not marked with IAEA CertificateDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(d)(9)No Exclusive Use notationDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(e)No empty packaging notedDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(h)(1)No qt/nqt for anhydrous ammoniaDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(h)(2)No notation for QT / NQT for Liquified Petroleum GasDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(k)No technical name for nos entryDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(m)No Poison Inhalation Hazard and / or Hazard ZoneDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(n)No “hot” on shipping paperDocumentation – HM3N
172.203(o)No temperature controls noted for Class 4.1 or Class 5.2Documentation – HM3N
172.205Hazardous waste manifest not as requiredDocumentation – HM3N
172.300Failing to comply with marking requirementsMarkings – HM5N
172.301Non-bulk package marking – generalMarkings – HM5N
172.301(a)No ID number on side/ends of non-bulk package – large quantity of single HMMarkings – HM5N
172.301(a)(1)No proper shipping name and/or ID# marking on non-bulkMarkings – HM5N
172.301(b)No technical name on non-bulkDocumentation – HM3N
172.301(c)No special permit number on non-bulk packageDocumentation – HM3N
172.301(d)No consignee/consignor on non-bulkDocumentation – HM3N
17172.302Marking requirements bulk packagingsMarkings – HM5N
172.302(a)No ID number (portable and cargo tank)Markings – HM5Y
172.302(b)Bulk package marking incorrect sizeMarkings – HM5N N
172.302(c)No special permit number on bulk packageDocumentation – HM3N
172.303(a)Prohibited HM marking on packageMarkings – HM5N
172.304(a)(1)Package marking not durable, English, or printMarkings – HM5N
172.304(a)(2)Marking not on sharply contrasting colorMarkings – HM5N
172.304(a)(3)Marking obscured by label or attachmentsMarkings – HM5N
172.304(a)(4)Marking not away from other markingMarkings – HM5N
172.308(a)Package marked with unauthorized abbreviationMarkings – HM5N
172.310(a)No gross weight on radioactive materials package greater than 50 KGMarkings – HM5N
172.310(b)Radioactive materials package not marked “Type A or B”Markings – HM5N
172.312(a)No package orientation arrowsCargo Protection – HM4N
172.312(a)(2)No package orientation arrowsCargo Protection – HM4N
172.312(b)Prohibited use of orientation arrowsCargo Protection – HM4N
172.313(a)No “inhalation hazard” on packageMarkings – HM5N
172.313(b)No “poison” on non-bulk plastic packageMarkings – HM5N
172.316(a)Other regulated material non-bulk package not markedMarkings – HM5N
172.320(a)Class 1 package not marked with ex-numberMarkings – HM5N
172.322(b)No marine pollutant marking on bulk packagingMarkings – HM5N
172.324Non-bulk hazardous substance not markedMarkings – HM5N
172.325No “hot” marking for bulk elevated temperatureMarkings – HM5N
172.325(a)Elevated temperature not marked “Hot”Markings – HM5N
172.325(b)Improperly marked molten aluminum/sulphurMarkings – HM5N
172.326(a)Portable tank not marked with proper shipping name or ID#Markings – HM5N
172.326(b)No portable tank owner or lessee markingMarkings – HM5N
172.326(c)(1)No ID number marking on vehicle carrying portable tankMarkings – HM5N
172.326(c)(2)Shipper failed to provide ID number to carrierMarkings – HM5N
172.328No ID number displayed on a cargo tankMarkings – HM5N
172.328(a)Shipper failed to provide or affix ID number for cargo tankMarkings – HM5N
172.328(b)Cargo tank not marked for class 2Markings – HM5N
172.328(c)No quenched and tempered steel (QT)/other than quenched and tempered steel (NQT) marked on cargo tank (MC 330/331)Markings – HM5N
172.328(d)Fail to mark manual remote shutoff deviceMarkings – HM5N
172.330(a)(2)Tank car tank (non cylinder) not marked as requiredMarkings – HM5N
172.330(b)Motor vehicle with tank not markedMarkings – HM5N
172.331Markings for other bulk packagesMarkings – HM5N
172.332Required ID markings displayedMarkings – HM5N
172.334Prohibited ID number markingMarkings – HM5N N
172.334(a)ID # displayed on Class 7/Class 1/Dangerous or Subsidiary placardMarkings – HM5N
172.336(b)ID numbers not properly displayedMarkings – HM5N
172.336(c)(1)Failing to display ID numbers on compartment cargo tank in sequenceMarkings – HM5N
172.338Carrier failed to replace missing ID numberMarkings – HM5N
172.400Labeling requirementsMarkings – HM5N
172.400(a)Package/containment not labeled as requiredMarkings – HM5Y
172.401Prohibited labelingMarkings – HM5N
172.402Failing to affix additional labels when requiredMarkings – HM5N
172.402(a)No label for subsidiary hazardMarkings – HM5N
172.402(b)Display of class number on labelMarkings – HM5N
172.402(d)Subsidiary labeling for radioactive materialsMarkings – HM5N
172.402(e)Subsidiary labeling for class 1 (explosive) materialsMarkings – HM5N
172.403(a)Radioactive material label requirementMarkings – HM5N
172.403(f)Radioactive material package-2 labels on opposite sidesMarkings – HM5N
172.403(g)Failed to label radioactive material properlyMarkings – HM5N
172.403(g)(2)Class 7 label – no activity/activity not in SI unitsMarkings – HM5N
172.404(a)Mixed package not properly labeledMarkings – HM5N
172.404(b)Failed to properly label consolidated packageMarkings – HM5N
172.406(a)(1)Label placement not as requiredMarkings – HM5N
172.406(c)Multiple label placement not as requiredMarkings – HM5N
172.406(d)Label not on contrasting background or no borderMarkings – HM5N
172.406(e)Failed to display duplicate label as requiredMarkings – HM5N
172.406(f)Label obscured by marking or attachmentMarkings – HM5N
172.502(a)(1)Prohibited placardingMarkings – HM5N
172.502(a)(2)Sign or device could be confused with HM placardMarkings – HM5N
172.504Placards not in table 1 or 2Markings – HM5N
172.504(a)Vehicle not placarded as requiredMarkings – HM5Y
172.504(b)Dangerous placard violationMarkings – HM5N
172.505(a)No placard for poison inhalation hazardMarkings – HM5N
172.505(b)Not placarded for RAM and Corrosive when requiredMarkings – HM5N
172.505(c)Placard for subsidiary dangerous when wetMarkings – HM5N
172.506(a)Failed to provide placards shipperMarkings – HM5N
172.506(a)(1)Placards not affixed to vehicleMarkings – HM5Y
172.507Not placardarded for RAM highway route controlled quantityMarkings – HM5N
172.512(a)Freight container not placardedMarkings – HM5N
172.514Cargo tank placardsMarkings – HM5N
172.514(a)Bulk package offered without placardMarkings – HM5N
172.514(b)Bulk package with residue of HM not properly placardedMarkings – HM5N
172.516(a)Placard not visible from direction it facesMarkings – HM5Y Y
172.516(c)(1)Placard not securely affixed or attachedMarkings – HM5Y
172.516(c)(2)Placard not clear of appurtenanceMarkings – HM5Y
172.516(c)(4)Placard improper locationMarkings – HM5Y
172.516(c)(5)Placard not reading horizontallyMarkings – HM5Y
172.516(c)(6)Placard damaged, deteriorated, or obscuredMarkings – HM5Y
172.516(c)(7)Placard not on contrasting background or borderMarkings – HM5Y
172.519Placard does not meet specificationsMarkings – HM5N
172.600(c)Emergency Response (ER) information not availableDocumentation – HM3Y
172.602(a)Emergency response information missingDocumentation – HM3Y
172.602(b)Form and manner of emergency response informationDocumentation – HM3Y
172.602(c)(1)Maintenance/accessibility of emergency response informationDocumentation – HM3Y
172.604(a)Failing to provide an emergency response phone numberDocumentation – HM3N
173.24(a)(c)Non-bulk package mixed contents requirementsCargo Protection – HM4N
173.24(b)Failed to meet general package requirementsLoad Securement – HM10N
173.24((b))(1)Release of HM from packageLoad Securement – HM10N
173.24(b)(a)Bulk package outage or filling limit requirementsLoad Securement – HM10N
173.24(b)(d)(2)Exceed max weight of rating on spec plateLoad Securement – HM10N
173.24(c)Unauthorized packagingLoad Securement – HM10N
173.24(f)(1)Closures for packagings must not be open or leakingLoad Securement – HM10N
173.25(a)Failed to meet overpack conditionsMarkings – HM5N
173.25(c)Failure to label and package poison properly, when transported with edible materialMarkings – HM5Y
173.29(a)Empty package improper transportationCargo Protection – HM4N
173.30Loading/unloading transport vehiclesCargo Protection – HM4Y
173.32(h)(3)IM101/102 bottom outlets prohibitedFire Hazard – HM6N
173.32(h)(3)(i)IM101/102 bottom outlets authorizedFire Hazard – HM6N
173.33Cargo tanks (general)Load Securement – HM10N
173.33(a)Cargo tank general requirementsCargo Protection – HM4Y
173.33(b)HM in cargo tank which had dangerous reaction with cargo tankCargo Protection – HM4Y
173.33(c)(2)Cargo tank not marked with design or maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP)Cargo Protection – HM4N
173.35(a)Intermediate bulk container requirementsPackage Integrity – HM8Y
173.35(d)Liquid filled IBC with Ullage over 98%Load Securement – HM10N
173.35(f)(2)Intermediate bulk container (IBC) not secured to or within vehicleLoad Securement – HM10Y
173.40Small quantities for highway and railHM Other2N
173.54Forbidden explosives, offering or transportingFire Hazard – HM6N N
173.60Materials of trade exemptionHM Other2N
173.315(a)Cargo or portable tank class 2 exceeds maximum filling densityLoad Securement – HM10N
173.315(j)(3)Residential gas tank not secure in transportFire Hazard – HM6Y
173.315(j)(4)Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage tank overfilled for transportFire Hazard – HM6N
173.318(b)(10)Fail to mark inlet, outlet, pressure relief device, or pressure control valve of cryogenic tanksPackage Integrity – HM8N
173.318(g)No or Improper One Way Travel Time (OWTT) marking on cryogenic cargo tankMarkings – HM5N
173.412General Type A package failing to meet additional design requirementsPackage Integrity – HM8N
173.421(a)Transporting limited quantity-radioactive material exceeds 0.5 millirem/hourCargo Protection – HM4N
173.427(a)(6)(iv)No instructions for exclusive use packaging-low specific activityCargo Protection – HM4Y
173.427(a)(6)(vi)Exclusive use low specific activity (LSA) radioactive material not marked “Radioactive-LSA”Markings – HM5Y
173.427(a)(iv)No instructions for exclusive use packaging-low specific activityCargo Protection – HM4Y
173.427(a)(vi)Exclusive use low specific activity (LSA) radioactive material not marked “Radioactive-LSA”Markings – HM5Y
173.431Exceeded activity limits Type A or Type B packageLoad Securement – HM10N
173.441(a)Exceeding radiation level limitations allowed for transportCargo Protection – HM4N
173.441(b)Exceeding radiation level allowed for transport of RAM under exclusive use provisionsLoad Securement – HM10N
173.442(b)(1)External temperature of package exceeds 50 degrees Celcius (122 degrees F)Cargo Protection – HM4N
173.442(b)(2)External temperature of package exceeds 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees F)Cargo Protection – HM4N
173.443(a)Radioactive contamination exceeds limitsLoad Securement – HM10N
173.447RAM transport storage violationCargo Protection – HM4N
173.448General RAM transport requirementsCargo Protection – HM4N
177.801Accepting/transporting HM not prepared properlyHM Other2N
177.804Failure to comply with FMCSR 49 CFR part 383 and 49 CFR parts 390 through 397HM Other2Y
177.817Shipping papers requiredDocumentation – HM3N
177.817(a)No shipping papers (carrier)Documentation – HM3Y
177.817(b)Shipper certification missing (when required)Documentation – HM3N
177.817(e)Shipping paper accessibilityDocumentation – HM3Y
177.823(a)No placards/markings when requiredMarkings – HM5N
177.834Load securement of different HM packagesFire Hazard – HM6N
177.834(a)Package not secure in vehicleLoad Securement – HM10 font>Y
177.834(b)Package not loaded according to orientation marksCargo Protection – HM4N
177.834(c)Smoking while loading or unloadingFire Hazard – HM6Y Y
177.834(f)Using a tool likely to cause damage to the closure of any package or containerLoad Securement – HM10Y
177.834(i)Attendance of cargo tank- (load or unload)Cargo Protection – HM4Y
177.834(j)Manholes and valves not closed or leak freeCargo Protection – HM4Y
177.834(m)(1)Securing specification 106a or 110a tanksCargo Protection – HM4N
177.834(n)Improper loading-specification 56, 57, IM101 and IM102Fire Hazard – HM6N
177.835Improper transportation of explosives (Class 1)Fire Hazard – HM6Y
177.835(a)Loading/Unloading Class 1 with engine runningFire Hazard – HM6Y
177.835(c)Transporting Class 1 in combination vehiclesFire Hazard – HM6N
177.835(j)Transfer of Class 1 materials en routeFire Hazard – HM6Y
177.837Improper transportation of Class 3 hazardous materialsFire Hazard – HM6Y
177.837(c)Cargo tanks not properly bonded/groundedCargo Protection – HM4N
177.837(d)Improper unloading of combustible liquidsCargo Protection – HM4N
177.838Improper transport of class 4, 5 or division 4.2Fire Hazard – HM6N
177.839Improper transportation of Class 8 hazardous materialsCargo Protection – HM4Y
177.840Improper transportation of Class 2 hazardous materialsFire Hazard – HM6N
177.840(g)Discharge valve not closed in transit class 2Cargo Protection – HM4Y
177.840(o)Fail to test off-truck remote shutoff deviceCargo Protection – HM4Y
177.840(s)Fail to possess remote shutoff when unloadingCargo Protection – HM4Y
177.841Improper transportation of Division 6.1 or Division 2.3 hazardous materialsFire Hazard – HM6Y
177.841(e)Poison label loaded with foodstuffsHM Other2Y
177.842(a)Total transport index exceeds 50- non-exclusive useHM Other2N
177.842(b)Distance from package to person-radioactive materialHM Other2N
177.842(d)Blocking and bracing of radioactive material packagesHM Other2Y
177.848(d)Prohibited load/transport/storage combinationFire Hazard – HM6N
177.848(f)Class 1 load separation or segregationHM Other2N
177.870(b)Transporting unauthorized HM in a passenger-carrying vehicleLoad Securement – HM10Y
177.870(c)Prohibited Hazardous Materials on passenger carrying vehicleLoad Securement – HM10Y
178.245-4DOT51 integrity and securementPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.245-5DOT51 valve protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.245-6(a)DOT51 name plate Markings – HMPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.245-6(b)Tank outlets not markedPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.251-4DOT 56/57 integrity and securementPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.251-7(b)DOT 56/57 spec Markings – HMPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.255-14DOT 60 ID platePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.255-4DOT 60 manholePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.255-7DOT 60 valve protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N N
178.270-1IM101/102 general designPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.270-11(d)(1)IM101/102 pressure reliefPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.270-14IM101/102 spec platePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.270-4Structural integrityPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.270-6IM 101/102 framesPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.270-8IM101/102 valve protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.270-9IM101/102 manholesPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.336-1Protecting of fittings MC330Package Integrity – HM8N
178.336-13Anchoring of tank MC330Package Integrity – HM8N
178.336-17Metal ID plate marking MC330Package Integrity – HM8N
178.336-17(a)Certification plate MC330Package Integrity – HM8N
178.336-9(a)Safety relief devices MC330Package Integrity – HM8N
178.336-9(c)Marking of inlets/outlets MC330Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-10(a)Protection of fittings MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-11(a)(2)Internal valve MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-13MC331 supports and anchoringPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.337-17(a)Metal ID plate missing MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-8(a)Outlets general requirements MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-8(a)(2)Outlets MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-8(a)(3)Internal or back flow valve MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-8(a)(4)(i)Remote closure device greater than 3500 gallons MC331Package Integrity – HM8Y
178.337-8(a)(4)(ii)Remote closure device less than 3500 gallons MC331Package Integrity – HM8Y
178.337-9Pressure relief devices MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.337-9(c)Marking inlets/outlets MC331Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-10(a)Protection of fittings MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-10(c)Rear end protection MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-11(b)Manual shutoff valve MC338Package Integrity – HM8Y
178.338-12Shear section MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-13Supports and anchoring MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-18(a)Name plate/Specification plate missing MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-18(b)Specification plate missing MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-6Manhole MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.338-8Pressure relief devices MC338Package Integrity – HM8N
178.340-10(b)MC306/307/312 metal certification plate missingPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-6MC306/307/312 supports and anchoringPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-7(a)MC306/307/312 ring stiffenersPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-7(c)MC306/307/312 double bulkhead drainPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-7(d)(2)MC306/307/312 ring stiffener drain holePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-8(a)MC306/307/312 appurtenances attachmentPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-8(b)MC306/307/312 rearend protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-8(c)MC306/307/312 overturn protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-8(d)MC306/307/312 piping protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-8(d)(1)MC306/307/312 piping protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.340-8(d)(2)MC306/307/312 minimum road clearancePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-3(a)MC306 no manhole closurePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-4MC306 ventingPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-4(d)(1)MC306 inadequate emergency ventingPackage Integrity – HM8N N
178.341-4(d)(2)MC306 pressure activated ventsPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-4(d)(3)MC306 no fusible ventingPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-5(a)MC306 internal valvesPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-5(a)(1)MC306 heat actuated safetyPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.341-5(a)(2)MC306 remote control shutoffPackage Integrity – HM8Y
178.342-3MC307 manhole closurePackage Integrity – HM8Y
178.342-4MC307 ventingPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.342-4(b)Inadequate venting capacityPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.342-5(a)MC307 internal valvePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.342-5(a)(1)MC307 heat actuated safetyPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.342-5(a)(2)MC307 remote control shutoffPackage Integrity – HM8Y
178.343-3Manhole closure MC312Package Integrity – HM8N
178.343-4Venting MC312 (show calculations)Package Integrity – HM8N
178.343-5(a)MC312 top outlet and valvePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.343-5(b)(1)MC312 bottom valve/piping protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-1DOT406/407/412 pressure reliefPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-11(b)DOT406/407/412 tank valvesPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-11(b)(1)DOT406/407/412 remote controlPackage Integrity – HM8Y
178.345-11(b)(1)(i)DOT406/407/412 remote controlPackage Integrity – HM8Y
178.345-14(b)DOT406/407/412 name platePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-14(c)DOT406/407/412 specification platePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-1(h)(i)(2)DOT 406, 407, 412 Obstructed double bulkhead drain/ventPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-1(i)(2)DOT 406, 407, 412 Obstructed double bulkhead drain/ventPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-5(d)DOT406/407/412 manhole securementPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-5(e)DOT406/407/412 manhole markingPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-6DOT406/407/412 supports and anchoringPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-7(d)(4)DOT406/407/412 ring stiffener drainPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-8(a)DOT406/407/412 accident protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-8(a)(5)DOT406/407/412 minimum road clearancePackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-8(b)DOT406/407/412 bottom damage protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-8(c)DOT406/407/412 rollover damage protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.345-8(d)DOT406/407/412 rear end protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.703(a)Intermediate bulk container (IBC) manufacturer Markings – HMPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.703(b)Intermediate bulk container additional Markings – HMPackage Integrity – HM8N
178.704(e)Intermediate bulk container bottom discharge valve protectionPackage Integrity – HM8N
179.300-12DOT106/110aw protection of fittingsPackage Integrity – HM8N
179.300-13DOT106/110aw venting and valvesPackage Integrity – HM8N
179.300-15DOT106/110aw safety relief devicesPackage Integrity – HM8N
179.300-18DOT106/110aw stamping of tanksPackage Integrity – HM8N
180.205(c)Periodic requalification of cylindersPackage Testing – HM7N
180.213(d)Re-qualification Markings – HMPackage Testing – HM7N N
180.352(b)Intermediate bulk container retest or inspectionPackage Testing – HM7N
180.352(d)IBC retest date markingPackage Testing – HM7N
180.352(e)IBC retest date markingPackage Testing – HM7N
180.405(b)Cargo tank specificationsPackage Testing – HM7N
180.405(j)Certification withdrawal (failed to remove/cover/obliterate spec plate)Package Testing – HM7N
180.407(a)(1)Cargo tank periodic test and inspectionPackage Testing – HM7N
180.407(c)Failing to periodically test and inspect cargo tankPackage Testing – HM7N
180.415(b)Cargo tank test or inspection Markings – HMPackage Testing – HM7N
180.605Periodic testing of portable tanksPackage Testing – HM7N
180.605(k)Test date markingPackage Testing – HM7N
385.403No HM Safety PermitDocumentation – HM3N
397.1(a)Driver/carrier must obey part 397HM Other2Y
397.1(b)Failing to require employees to know/obey part 397HM Other2Y
397.2Must comply with rules in parts 390-397-transporting HMHM Other2Y
397.5(a)Unattended explosives 1.1/1.2/1.3Fire Hazard – HM6Y
397.5(c)Unattended hazmat vehicleCargo Protection – HM4Y
397.7(a)Improperly parked explosives vehicleFire Hazard – HM6Y
397.7(b)Improperly parked HM vehicleFire Hazard – HM6Y
397.11(a)HM vehicle operated near open fireFire Hazard – HM6Y
397.11(b)HM vehicle parked within 300 feet of fireFire Hazard – HM6Y
397.15HM vehicle fueling violationFire Hazard – HM6Y
397.17No tire examination on HM vehicleHM Other2Y
397.19No instructions/documents when transporting Division 1.1/1.2/1.3 (explosive) materialsDocumentation – HM3Y
397.19(c)Required documents not in possession-explosive materialsDocumentation – HM3Y
397.67HM vehicle routing violation (non-radioactive materials)HM Route1N
397.101(b)Radioactive materials vehicle not on preferred routeHM Route1Y
397.101(d)No or incomplete route plan-radioactive materialsHM Route1Y
397.101(e)(2)Driver not in possession of training certificateHM Route1Y
397.101(e)(3)Driver not in possession of written route planHM Route1Y

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12 Violation severity weights reflect the relative importance of each violation within each BASIC. These weights cannot be compared or added meaningfully across the BASICs.

13 In cases where a violation results in an out-of-service order as defined in 49 CFR 390.5, an additional weight of 2 is added to arrive at a total severity weight for the violation.

FMCSA sponsored study confirms web-based training is a viable solution for training, and can help you increase efficiencies and reduce your operating costs in this tough economy.

A whitepaper from Jim Dodd, CFO of Southern Refrigerated Transport confirms using Infinit-I Workforce Solutions reduces expenses and increases ROI.

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