Do you have a proper corrective action response plan in place for your trucking company? The DOT requires it.

Each corrective action response plan must state:


The violation in question and what led to it


What corrective actions you will take to correct the issue


What continued corrective actions are necessary to prevent the issue from occurring again

Corrective action training through Infinit-I can help prevent driver accidents, reduce the cost associated with frequent accidents, and keep your company informed on the latest CSA and DOT regulations.

Why use Infinit-I for Corrective Action Training?

Our corrective action training is automated and customizable.

Infinit-I sends the right training, to the right employee, at the right time, based on your needs. You can assign corrective training immediately to deal with an issue before a driver gets back on the road.

All training is digitally assigned, grouped, and scheduled to match DOT compliance and safety requirements.

Each training module can have a unique deadline and both employee and manager can receive emails when a new training is assigned, completed, or overdue.

We keep up on current DOT regulations and release new videos every month with any updates to the transportation industry.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has one of the most comprehensive safety training libraries in the transportation industry.

Digitally transform your transportation corrective action training with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

The Infinit-I system is designed to provide training anytime, anywhere. Drivers can access their training from any device with an internet connection, so you can ensure corrective action needs are met.

Request a demo of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions today to see just how easy it is to assign and complete all training needs.

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Breeze Through Depositions with Infinit-I

“The first question in almost every deposition I’ve been in is ‘Tell me about your training program.’ ‘Well, Mr. Attorney, it’s hard training a moving fleet,’ is not a good answer. Infinit-I is going to be worth it’s weight in gold when you talk about litigation because it takes training and punitive damages out of the equation.”
Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.
Steve Frantz, Vice President of Safety

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