Why Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Transportation LMS?

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the ultimate training, communication, and record keeping tool for transportation-based companies. We provide trucking and transportation executives with a Learning & Content Management System that is built for a workforce on the move, increases driver comprehension, and cuts the cost of training by an average of 50 – 70% or more. A transportation learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of company driver & employee related training & communication.

Videos to help drivers stay on top of safety
Training on the go
Tracking helps mitigate CSA Violations

6 Biggest Benefits of an LMS for Transportation Companies

  • Increased driver comprehension of training material
  • Decreased frequency and severity of accidents and incidents
  • Improved CSA scores
  • Digital, automatic record-keeping provides indisputable proof of training in legal matters and DOT audits
  • Streamlined communication and shortened driver orientation
  • Improved ability to provide corrective action training

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Infinit-I Transportation Learning Management System Features

Digitally Transform your Employee Training

Microlearning improves training comprehension

In an on-demand, mobile-friendly world, your employees will love our short, yet comprehensive training videos delivered directly to their mobile devices.

Digitally Archive Administrative Safety Requirements in Real Time

Required safety training is automatically tracked, recorded and archived in real-time with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions.

Cloud-based, mobile learning available 24/7

Our cloud-based training platform means you never have to worry about installation requirements or software maintenance. The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions platform is available 24/7, on any device that has internet capabilities (this includes computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.)

Personalize Safety/Driver Communication

Personalize your company’s communication through Infinit-I with custom content. Our team is available to assist with every aspect of content creation (including writing, video production, and media creation) allowing you to be as creative as you want with your personalized safety and driver communication.

Review & Acknowledge Company Documentation From Anywhere, Anytime

Drivers can review and digitally sign company documentation from anywhere, speeding up your pre-orientation and onboarding process.

Branded onboarding

Brand and white label your Infinit-I platform with your company logo. Only your company logo appears on your Infinit-I website, not ours.

How Infinit-I Transportation LMS can help you leverage
and reinforce your in-person training:

With dozens of trucks parked during meetings, in-person transportation training programs are highly expensive, ineffective, time-consuming, difficult to coordinate, and impossible to accurately track. By the time that your drivers walk out of an in-person meeting and get back on the road, they will have forgotten nearly 90% of what was said. Add the stress of potential liability and punitive damages for drivers that didn’t attend the meeting, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Empower Your Drivers

“TCW is a 24/7 operation and the utilization of Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has provided us the opportunity to communicate important company and industry information to our employees on their schedule. All new employees are trained using the system and this has resulted in reducing our orientation classroom time by 50%. Creating custom content, we are able to add our company flavor to our training. We are very pleased with our decision to incorporate the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions as a key component of our training culture.”
David Manning, President


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