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DOT Regulation Updates You Need to Know in 2018

DOT Regulation Updates

Regardless of which section of the transportation industry you’re in, it’s important to understand how changes to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations affect your business. Some drastic changes occurred to various regulations to comply with the ELD Mandate passed in Dec. 2017. To avoid hefty fines, it’s up to you to... Read More

Why Online Training is the Best Tool for Corrective Action Training

Corrective Action Training Online Vertical Allinace Image Using Online Training for Corrective Action Training

Truck drivers work incredibly hard. Many put in well over 60 hours per week away from the comfort of loved ones and friends transporting billions of tons of a freight in a year. Drivers are attracted to the transportation industry because of good pay and consistency.

Many of these are skilled... Read More

Webinar Recap: How to Improve Employee Engagement Using Online Communication and Training

Employee Engagement with Truck One Improving Employee Engagement with Online Communication and Training

Jay Winegardner, CEO of Truck One, joined us to share his best tips on how to use the Infinit-I Workforce system for more effective employee engagement and communication. This includes creating custom content to personalize communications.

Winegardner has used the Infinit-I... Read More

6 Factors to Prepare for a DOT Compliance Audit

DOT Compliance Audit Prepartion Are You Prepared for a DOT Compliance Audit?

Imagine the Department of Transportation (DOT) has informed you that you will have a DOT compliance audit. Would you be ready for it?

If you aren’t prepared, you can face fines for your company and drivers, and in the worst-case-scenario you could lose your business. Proper preparation and... Read More

5 Tips for Truck Driver Fatigue Management

Truck Driver Fatigue Management 5 Tips to Manage Truck Driver Fatigue

Hauling freight is a big responsibility. Highly skilled drivers shoulder more of this responsibility as they have a 35% better miles-per-gallon performance over other drivers. Drivers of all skill levels deal with the same issue though, driver fatigue.

To combat this issue, FMCSA safety regulations limit... Read More

Webinar Recap: 7 Steps to Get Safety Ideas Out of the Boardroom and Implemented into Safety Culture

Making Safety Culture Happen 7 Steps to Changing Safety Ideas into Safety Culture

Vertical Alliance Group has hosted free webinars to discuss various aspects of the trucking industry, especially safety. One of our expert partners, Brian Fielkow, CEO of Jetco Delivery, was one of our guests who joined us to discuss developing a safety culture.

Many companies... Read More

How to Create a Custom Training Program with More Consistency and Less Manpower

Custom Training Content for a Training Program with Less Manpower Creating a Custom Training Program

As a safety director, you’re tasked with creating custom training content for safety orientation, onboarding, and corrective action needs with limited time for yourself or your drivers. There never seems to be enough manpower or resources to keep up with all the necessary paperwork, which makes it difficult to... Read More

5 Reasons Microlearning Videos are essential for Online Truck Driver Training

Microlearning Videos Benefit Employee Online Training 5 Reasons Microlearning is Essential for Driver Training

As a safety manager, do you ever feel overwhelmed coordinating safety meetings? From ensuring your training materials are correct to coordinating driver schedules and ensuring proper documentation, the task can be difficult.

This coordination is not only hard work, but it also takes time... Read More

Introducing the Infiniti Safety Training FasTrac Intensive Walkthrough

Infiniti safety training walkthrough Getting the Most Out of Your Infiniti Safety Training

You’ve explored the system, gotten the necessary approvals, the contract is signed, and your company is ready to roll out your newly purchased Infiniti safety training platform. You want to make sure you roll it out correctly though.

Whether your company invested in the Infiniti... Read More

5 Ways Online Orientation Training Saves Time & Money

online orientation savings Online Orientation Can Increase Employee Retention

The race for qualified candidates is on across every industry, but even more so in the transportation industry. Trucking fleets move more than 70% of domestic freight tonnage each year, meaning there is a big need for skilled operators.

With an ongoing driver shortage, it’s a good time to... Read More

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