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Negotiating Commercial Truck Insurance: Tell Your Driver Data Story

Negotiating Commercial Truck Insurance Tell Your Driver Data Story Negotiating Commercial Truck Insurance

When it comes to commercial truck insurance, there are many points of data that you need to monitor closely and prepare to discuss with your insurance underwriter. It’s important to give the underwriter a full picture instead of a snapshot.

There is so much data available about companies as well as drivers... Read More

3 Biggest Driver Health Issues and How to Improve Starting Today

Driver Health, Healthy Eating Truck Driver Health Tips

The truck driver shortage is starting to get the recognition it needs. There are many factors that influence this shortage, from changes to drug screens, to retiring drivers, to younger workers entering other industries.

One area that is often overlooked when it comes to driver retention is driver health. Drivers face... Read More

Safety Record vs. Record Nuclear Verdict

safety record

Even if you have a stellar safety record, letting one bad driver in can destroy your company. It’s essential that you check the records of new hires and ensure you take action to correct bad behaviors on the road, or you could see yourself facing a nuclear verdict.

Safety Record vs. Record Nuclear Verdict

Four years ago, a teenager in... Read More

The Dangerous Impact of Smaller Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts Under $1 Million

smaller accident settlements and verdicts

The Impact of Smaller Accident Settlements and Verdicts on the Trucking Industry

A lot of time is spent discussing the effect of nuclear verdicts, or verdicts over $10 million, but trucking accident settlements and verdicts under $1 million also have a negative effect on the trucking industry.

Between the danger of... Read More

How to Plan for Driver Health During the Hot Summer Months

Plan for Summer Driver Health During the Hot Months How to Plan for Driver Health During the Hot Summer Months

Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes an extra layer of safety precautions to promote good summer driver health. As with any season, summer presents a new set of challenges to overcome as drivers navigate different climates, temperatures, and conditions in different parts of the... Read More

Overcoming The #1 Industry Issue: Driver Retention

driver retention The Struggle for Driver Retention

The number of drivers looking for a job continues to decrease, but the demand for drivers is still increasing. Between driver retention and recruitment issues, the trucking industry is close to a crisis.

Many options have been discussed to deal with the driver shortage, but part of this issue is making sure you... Read More

How Will the 2022 ELDT Mandate Affect You?

Entry Level Driver Training, ELDT, ELDT Mandate What is the ELDT Mandate?

The Entry-Level Driver Training or ELDT mandate is a federally set minimum on requirements from the FMCSA for training entry-level drivers that went into effect February 7, 2022. This mandate is meant for all states to ensure drivers meet at least the federal minimum requirements on ELDT theory and... Read More

Resources to Weather Severe Supply Chain Shortages in 2022

Supply Chain Shortages with delivery, export, supply Will Supply Chain Shortages Affect Your Company?

Supply chain shortages have made national headlines for several months now, and it doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight anytime soon. This national focus has led many, including the current administration, to ask “what’s causing the supply chain issues?”

The answer to this... Read More

Staged Accidents and Fraud: A Threat to Accident Prevention

threat to accident prevention A Threat to Accident Prevention

While your company looks for methods of accident prevention for your drivers, some less honest people look to take advantage of trucking companies for a big payout. These scammers like to stage accidents in the hopes of settling or getting large sums during a lawsuit.

This threat means safety managers need to have... Read More

Truck Safety Sensors Risk Management 2021

Truck Safety Sensors Risk Management Truck Safety Sensors Risk Management

Thanks to nuclear verdicts, risk management is already tricky for the trucking industry, but plaintiff attorneys continue to find ways to increase your risk. You already know the importance of keeping up with CSA records and company documentation to reduce litigation risk.

What you may not know is the new... Read More

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