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FMCSA introduced new Entry Level Driver Training mandates, but you can use these mandates to your advantage. These new regulations require all new drivers to complete the trucking ELDT standard curriculum. With Infinit-I’s registered ELDT theory curriculum, you can use training as a recruitment tool.

Training to Enhance Recruitment

Trucking ELDT Training For Transportation IndustriesProviding theory and behind-the-wheel curriculum to potential drivers is a great recruitment tool for trucking companies. Drivers can learn everything they need while getting a feel for your company culture; thus allowing them to fit in faster.

Attract the Next Generation of Drivers


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Trucking ELDT Curriculum, Bring the Next Generation of Drivers to You

With the right tools, like our registered ELDT theory curriculum, you can put together your own in-house training for entry level drivers.

With the Infinit-I online training management platform, drivers can complete training in a fraction of the time. On average, drivers have completed their trucking ELDT in 12 hours using Infinit-I’s registered curriculum.

Our preset templates make it easy to set up training for:

  • Class A CDL
  • Class B CDL
  • Class B to A CDL
  • Hazardous Materials (H) Endorsement

You can also keep track of all training progress, so you know which recruits are serious about working for you.

With Infinit-I, not only can you set up curriculum for new prospects, but you can also provide consistent, ongoing training to all of your drivers. Our online training platform, coupled with our mobile apps for Apple and Android, makes it easy for drivers to access training from anywhere with an internet connection.

Set up a trucking ELDT program. Provide consistent orientation training. Provide ongoing training throughout the year. Keep safety top-of-mind for your drivers.

You can also use the Infinit-I training library of more than 1,000 videos to provide corrective action training for problem areas. Our microlearning technique (videos average 3-8 minutes) makes training accessible and easy to retain.

Infinit-I will also handle all reporting for your completed training, so you don’t have the hassle of it or the fear of missing a deadline. All training in the Infinit-I system is transferred directly to the FMCSA registry within 5 minutes of completion.

This means your new drivers can take the next steps almost immediately and get on the road quicker!

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Complete All Your Driver Training in One Place

Entry Level Driver Training, ELDT, ELDT Mandate

Trucking ELDT, Orientation, Ongoing, and Corrective Action Training

Get all the tools you need to set up, track, and complete trucking ELDT curriculum.

Complete onboarding and orientation documentation and training before a new hire starts their first day. Reduce the time it takes to complete the orientation process.

Provide consistent, ongoing and corrective action training without disrupting busy schedules with online training that uses microlearning techniques to increase comprehension and retention.

Provide regular training and give easy access to important communications and documentation all with the Infinit-I platform!

Access training that is regularly updated to meet regulatory changes and industry needs.

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FMCSA registered training to meet new ELDT regulations

Entry Level Driver Training

Covering Everything Your Drivers Need for Their CDL and Endorsements
All Trucking and Transportation Industries
Class A CDL

Section 1.  Basic Operation
Section 2. Safe Operating Procedures
Section 3. Advanced Operating Practices
Section 4. Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions
Section 5. Non-Vehicle Activities

All Industries ELDT Endorsements
Class B CDL

Section 1.  Basic Operation
Section 2. Safe Operating Procedures
Section 3. Advanced Operating Practices
Section 4. Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions
Section 5. Non-Vehicle Activities

All Education and School System Industries
ELDT Endorsements

Hazardous (H) Endorsement

Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) & How It Affects You

For a thorough breakdown of the required courses, check out Learn how Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can help you meet your needs for companies or individuals.

You can also check out our webinar dedicated to Entry Level Driver Training Trucking ELDT



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