It was the largest truck accident verdict ever in New Mexico state history.

The jury awarded the family $11.5 million in compensatory damages and $47 million in punitive damages – in part because they didn’t train their drivers. Following the verdict, the Jury Foreman said, “Our hope is that our judgment will clearly communicate that we expect a much higher standard of safety from the trucking industry.”

That Higher Standard Means If Your Training Records Are Not Accurate, In Compliance, & Impeccable, Get Ready to Open Your Checkbook.

Trucking companies are folding because of the high cost of punitive damages in the transportation industry. The good news is, you don’t have to learn this lesson the hard way. You now know that a jury won’t care if you say you’re doing safety training unless you can PROVE it in court. If you end up in court…

Lawyers Will Argue That Your Company Needs To Be Punished:

Imagine an attorney telling a jury, “This trucking company puts 18 wheelers out there for over 25 million miles a year.

Imagine what damage they’ll do if they’re allowed to continue. They need to be taught a lesson.” Punitive damages are the judiciary’s way of taking your corporation behind the shed for a beating you’ll never forget.

They Will Scrutinize EVERY Policy, Procedure, and Training Record You Have (Or Don’t Have):

It is no longer enough to simply provide quarterly in-person safety training to drivers. You must be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that your drivers understood the training you provide. If your driver gets in an accident and you don’t have ALL the records in order, you’re a sitting duck for litigators.

The Golden Rule in training is simple: “If it’s not signed. If it’s not dated. If it’s not in writing. If you can’t find it. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”.

You Can Actually Avoid This Risk and Turn Your Potential Liability Into A Major Strength – With One, Smart Decision.

I’d like to invite you to a free 2 day seminar called Infinit-I Engage, where you’ll learn how to implement a training system specifically designed to help empower trucking companies with the tools necessary to operate with less risk, greater efficiency, and actually IMPROVE bottom line profits.

That’s Right: We’ll Show You How To Reduce Risks and Liabilities AND Become More Profitable At The Same Time.

You may be thinking, “Are you going to try and sell me something while I’m there?”

We get this question a lot. We aren’t. Chances are you’ll want to implement the Infinit-I Workforce System once you leave. After all, you will learn step-by-step how easy the system makes it to track not only that your drivers took and understood their safety training but also that they received and understood your policies and procedures. Imagine how much better your life would be if you could say goodbye to mountains of training paperwork and chasing drivers down to get them to sign new documents.

You’ll leave the seminar understanding exactly what you need to do to create an ironclad paperless defense whenever your training program is brought up in a court of law.

Plus, you’ll also discover how to decrease CSA violations, improve driver retention rates, streamline your onboarding process, and cut your training costs.

I would HOPE you’d want to utilize our system to protect your business. Since you already know that, after attending, you’ll have three choices:

1. Continue trudging along using your current training methods.
2. Go with another online training provider.
3. Implement the Infinit-i Prime system and start seeing results.

Within the first hour of the seminar, you’ll realize the holes you have in your current training methods. I think you’ll also realize there isn’t another training provider who does what we do. Investing in another system isn’t a viable option. So that really leaves implementing us.

But here’s my promise:


This is an educational seminar designed to help you protect your trucking company from punitive damages and maximize profitability through online training.

If you want more details about the seminar, call 866-811-2786 or click here to reserve your seat now.

Jay Wommack
President & CEO
Vertical Alliance Group, Inc.


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