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We’ve been hard at work! Now, we are giving you a sneak peek at our August 2020 releases. We have put together a series of updated video content to ensure your drivers have the latest information.

Not only are we creating and releasing new content; we are also updating our existing content. Experience the new look and feel of our brand... Read More

4 Steps to Build a Successful Safety Training Initiative

4 Steps to Building a Successful Safety Training Program Online

When one of your employees is involved in an accident, your company should immediately question what caused the accident and what tools you can put in place to ensure it does not happen again in the future. A good way to analyze this is to ask the question, “What could have been done in the weeks or months before the accident that could have prevented... Read More

Who’s Really Responsible for Safety? The Answer May Surprise You.


It’s impossible to achieve sustainable success if a company is blind to safety.  You cannot have a safety culture until everyone in your company understands safety is more than just the daily actions you take. Safety is really about who you are as a company.  A new training series, Making Safety Happen, is now available through Vertical... Read More

Vertical Alliance Group to Host 4 Free Webinars to Help Companies Build Their Safety Program & Empower Employees in 2018

vertical alliance group to host 4 free webinars to help companies build their safety program empower employees in 2018

Trucking companies are not immune to the safety, HR, and OSHA training and legal challenges businesses across America will face in 2018. With that in mind, Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. has announced four new webinars they are hosting in the first quarter of the year.

Each webinar is free to attend and is designed to provide trucking executives... Read More

5 Things Your Insurance Provider Wishes You Understood About Driver Training

What are you doing right now to change your exposure to accidents?

This is one of the questions insurance companies look at each year as they evaluate your insurability.

In order for an insurance company to insure you, and for you to be profitable as a company, you must decrease your losses.  And there is only one way to affect change in this... Read More

What to Look For in a Good LMS

The benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be placed into two broad categories: cost savings and efficiency improvement.

LMS training is consistent from student to student and across years. The delivery of training is centralized so training quality can be ascertained based on the content and instructions... Read More

FMCSA Study: Online Training Provides Results, Decreases Costs

A May 2011 report by the Department of Transportation (DOT) presented an evaluation on Web Based Instruction. The study, which was funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), concluded that web based instruction provides a delivery method where:

Costs and time can be significantly reduced; Personnel can access training... Read More

Reasons Why Companies Need a Learning Management System (LMS)

Investing in learning programs is essential for business advantage. Learning Management Systems have increased in popularity because it is cost effective and the system will touch potentially every employee in the company from the CEO on down.

Here are the reasons companies should have LMS: Read More
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