FMCSA Register ELDT Solutions

FMCSA Register ELDT Solutions

Infinit-I Workforce delivers ELDT courses on the topics that are necessary to meet FMCSA regulations. The training we provide is continually updated to meet the latest regulations so you will always be prepared.

Included Modules FMCSA Register ELDT Solutions

Quality training backed by more than 20 years industry experience.... Read More

Truckers Against Trafficking

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Modern-day slavery, or human trafficking, exists whenever people are bought and sold for forced labor or commercial sex. Around the world, there are an estimated 20.9 million slaves today. Human trafficking has been reported in all 50 states, and the number of victims in the United States is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Truckers... Read More

On the Job Injury Protection

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Proper training can help prevent a lot of the most common on-the-job injuries. Our training videos on common on-the-job injuries combine training on how to prevent some of the most common on-the-job injuries with a unique series we call Real. Life. Lessons.  Produced in conjunction with Midwestern Insurance Alliance, our Real. Life.... Read More

Mine Safety & Health Administration | MSHA Training Course

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Trucks hauling rock, sand, gravel, limestone, cement, and other products from mines and over the highways pose safety challenges at mines due to their mobility and the pace of activity. This video series addresses training on Federal rules imposed by the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA).

Included Modules MSHA... Read More


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FMCSA Regulations require trucking companies, drivers, and other key personnel to understand and comply with vehicle inspection and safety rules.  Additionally, proper training about vehicle maintenance on things like brake safety, fundamentals of tire wear, and an overall understanding of how trucks operate, may help eliminate accidents... Read More

Laws & Litigation Issues

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Keeping your company safe from litigation is an important part of a compliance and safety program.  Learn about litigation issues, laws governing the transportation industry, and how to safeguard your company and mitigate your risk of litigation through training.

Included Modules 5 Deadly Sins in Trucking

This series... Read More

OSHA & Workplace Safety Training

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Our OSHA and safety training series is designed to help broaden worker and employer knowledge on the recognition, avoidance, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Included Modules Bloodborne Pathogens

This series of videos covers what to do when in contact with blood or bodily fluids, OSHA compliance,... Read More


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Videos in this category focus on roadside inspections and pre-trip inspections. Roadside inspections are done to check that drivers are in compliance with FMCSA regulations. Pre-trip inspection rules are set by the FMCSA. If an inspection is not done, or steps are overlooked, drivers can receive CSA violations, legal violations, and damage... Read More

Human Resources

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Our HR training videos are designed to teach managers and employees how to overcome common challenges in the workplace with a focus on ADA, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, HIPAA, and Title VII related training topics.

Included Modules HR Training for Managers

This series teaches managers how to overcome common challenges in the workplace... Read More

Health & First Aid

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Whether it’s keeping your drivers healthy, ensuring they understand their medical cards, or just making sure they know how to administer basic first aid in the event of an injury on the job, the videos in this section are designed to help your drivers stay healthy and safe.

Included Modules DOT Medical Exams

This... Read More

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