Crockett ISD

Crockett ISD

“We’re so glad to have Infinit-I help us with the ELDT training; has already been helping us with SafePupil online and all the safety training for the bus drivers. It’s just been a real lifesaver as we have so many drivers, coaches, teachers that need to get CDL and it’s really been a backbreaker for... Read More

Dr Johnson Rural Educational Associates

North Dakota Small Organized Schools

“Hi, my name is Dr. Steven Johnson. I sit on the North Dakota Small Organized Schools board of directors; the superintendent in Lisbon and Fort Ransom. I’ve been in this business for about 45 years.  

We’ve used Infinit-I off and on over the years with our membership through the North Dakota Small... Read More

KVS Trucking, LLC.

KVS Trucking LLC

“We’ve been using Infinit-I for a couple of years now and it has worked out very well. The drivers do their videos, normally I have to remind them; send them a text message and then they’ll get on it. They get their videos done.  

The only problem that I’ve had with Infinit-I is I wish that you... Read More

Michael Hileman North Dakota Small Organized Schools

North Dakota Small Organized Schools

“My name is Michael Heilman and I am the Executive Director for the North Dakota Small Organized Schools. North Dakota Small Organized Schools offer a benefit to our member schools of working with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions to provide bus driver training at a very discounted rate. 

While we have worked with... Read More

Success Cargo Transport, LLC

I like to say that the customer service with Krystal today was excellent. 

~Melvin Norflis Owner Success Cargo Transport, LLC

Milan Express


“Almost every lawsuit we get includes a claim for negligent hiring and negligent retention and/or training. Your product and the way it documents the training by testing at the end can go a long way in proving to a jury that the employer is working hard to put only qualified, trained people, out there. We have adopted, and our employees... Read More

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation

“We chose to outsource to Vertical Alliance to help us manage some of our new entrant driver processing functions, like pre-employment hurdles related to commercial driver permits. We knew it would be cost effective. What we did not anticipate was the human resource value. The system actually helps us identify our future best employees.... Read More

True Grit Transportation

True Grit Transportation Testimonial

“Hi, I’m Renee with True Grit Transportation and I wanted to share my experience with Infinit-I. Infinit-I has provided very high-quality training videos for our drivers. They’ve also handled the new driver orientation videos for us. Customer service is wonderful. It’s an effortless program, they actually assign our... Read More

Church Transportation & Logistics, Inc.

Church Transportation & Logistics Inc

“We recently renewed our insurance and changed carriers to Protective Insurance.  After we made the change, I had a meeting with their Regional Loss Prevention Specialist, Anthony Baggett, to discuss our safety management plan.

Anthony was very... Read More

Temarry Recycling, Inc.

Temarry Recycling

“I cannot give enough praise to your client services. We are a relatively new customer, a few months, and [they] have been outstanding in attention to me utilizing your services. It’s been a bit jerky on my part, as in, many starts and stops. When I reach out for help, each time I get understanding and patience with my repetitive questions.... Read More

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