Smith Transportation

Smith Transportation

“Smith Transportation would like to thank Infinit-I Workforce Solutions for their A+ customer service. 

Were they professional? How much of the time? Entire Zoom Call… 

Were they whitty? Absolutely! 

How much of the time?  When needed… 

Are they an expert?... Read More

Pappas Trucking, LLC.

Pappas Trucking LLC

“Hello, my name is Todd Thomas, Safety Director from Pappas Trucking, Columbus, OH. 

I’d first like to thank Amanda Arnold for all the hard work she has done as my customer service rep to help me make the Infinit-I videos system an easier experience for the year that I’ve done it, I can thank her for... Read More

Christenson Transportation

Christenson Transportation

“Hey, this is Barry with Christenson Transportation and I just wanted to take a few seconds to give a shout out to one of our great vendors that we’ve partnered with for several years.  

You know, trucking is full ups and downs; full of old stuff and new stuff and not everybody can do everything... Read More

MS Carrier, LLC.

MS Carrier LLC

“Good afternoon. My name is Tony Fischkelta and I’m with MC Carrier LLC out of North Las Vegas. We have been partnered with Infinit-I now for a year. We’re using their product to onboard our drivers. 

We also use their product for our monthly training, compliance as well. Infinit-I has been a great partner... Read More

Benny Whitehead Inc

Benny Whitehead Inc

“I’m Lindsay with Benny Whitehead, Incorporated. A trucking company out of Eufaula, Alabama. I work with Jadyn at Infinit-I. She’s always on the ball and such a pleasure to work with. 

Thank you.” ~Lindsey Human Resources Benny Whitehead Inc

Kimrad Transport LP

Kimrad Transport

“Hi, I am Donna with Kimrad Transport in Amarillo, Texas and I have watched every webinar that’s possible for the new i3. I really like all of the improvements they’ve made. It is so much easier to work with, to deal with, to set up, to assign videos. I really like what they have done to it. So if anybody is wanting to... Read More

Katy ISD

Katy ISD

“Hi Krystal, this is Sharie Price with Katy ISD. I just want you to know how much I really appreciated all your help when getting started with your company. It was wonderful to be able to reach out to you and have you help me and be so willing to do so.  

So, thank you very much.” 

~Sherry... Read More

North East ISD

North East ISD

“I have to say, Infinit-I has really helped us out quite a bit with the ELDT video training. Without them, it would have been a nightmare to get our trainees through the system. I have to say y’all have done an outstanding job with how you’ve listed everything, making sure that every section is covered, every unit is... Read More

Pampa ISD

Pampa ISD

“Hi, my name is Gipsy Johnson. I work for Pampa ISD and we have been using Infinit-I for our ELDT trainings and it’s been great.  

Our access for art staff, for professional staff, and our peer professional staff has been wonderful. 

It’s very easy to use, to set up. We’ve enjoyed all... Read More

Royse City ISD

Royse City ISD

“Hi, good morning.  

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Infinit-I experience has been amazing. I cannot say enough about the Infinit-I customer service, Krystal. She does an exceptional job whenever I need anything. She is always there. She is always the first to ask what she can do to help or if... Read More

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