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“What’s your name and who are you with? 

Hi, I’m Gil Davison, and I’m with Billy Barnes Enterprises out of Monroeville, AL. 

What is your favorite thing about the Infinit-I Workforce Platform? 

I think the Infinit-I Workforce Platform is very good at getting information out to the drivers in a fast way. It’s letting our drivers know that in case of a training event, or where they may have had a mishap, that we can get that remedial training out ASAP. 

What is your favorite thing about Vertical Alliance Group the company? 

I think collectively, Vertical Alliance [Group] is a partnership with Billy Barnes. 

They do what they say and it’s like in trucking; it’s where the rubber meets the road. 

What is your most important take away from the Partner Roundtable? 

It was very informative. The Partner Roundtable meeting gave us a chance to network with other carriers that were here. You know, sometimes you think you have the best system and the best way to do something, but when you listen to other carriers, there may be a better way. I want to thank Infinit-I, Vertical Alliance group, and everyone involved for inviting me, Gil Davidson with Billy Barnes Enterprises. It’s been very pleasurable and very informative. 

If someone was on the fence about attending the Partner Roundtable, what would you tell them? 

If you’re on the fence about attending the Partner Roundtable. I suggest that you look at Vertical Alliance [Group] and what they have to offer. If you’re already a customer with Vertical Alliance [Group], then I would suggest coming to the [Partner] Roundtable so that you can network with individuals to find out how you can just pull one thing. If you can get one thing from this network, then you’ve achieved something. 

~Gil Davison
Safety Manager
Billy Barnes Enterprises Inc.

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