True Grit Transportation

True Grit Transportation Testimonial

“Hi, I’m Renee with True Grit Transportation and I wanted to share my experience with Infinit-I. Infinit-I has provided very high-quality training videos for our drivers. They’ve also handled the new driver orientation videos for us. Customer service is wonderful. It’s an effortless program, they actually assign our... Read More

Church Transportation & Logistics, Inc.

Church Transportation & Logistics Inc

“We recently renewed our insurance and changed carriers to Protective Insurance.  After we made the change, I had a meeting with their Regional Loss Prevention Specialist, Anthony Baggett, to discuss our safety management plan.

Anthony was very... Read More

Temarry Recycling, Inc.

Temarry Recycling

“I cannot give enough praise to your client services. We are a relatively new customer, a few months, and [they] have been outstanding in attention to me utilizing your services. It’s been a bit jerky on my part, as in, many starts and stops. When I reach out for help, each time I get understanding and patience with my repetitive questions.... Read More

Extreme Transportation

Extreme Transportation "Having Infinit-I came in handy. Unfortunately one of our drivers was involved in an accident, and Infinit-I made it possible to easily provide training records."

Star Freight Services

Star Freight Services "I just wanted to say thank you. Boot camp was a great experience and your hospitality made it even better."

Tutle & Tutle Trucking

Tutle & Tutle Trucking "We love the new user management features. It makes navigating the site so much easier."

HMD Trucking

HMD Trucking “Half of the team took the Dan Baker training, and we liked it a lot. It was very informative and the humor Dan introduces in the videos is hilarious! . . . [W]hen the need was there the employees who took the course were sharing info with the newbies.”

Ozark Motor Lines

Ozark Motor Lines, Inc. Ozark Motor Lines Testimonial

Steve Kessler asks, Did you lose drivers?

Pat replies “No we did not lose any drivers, not over training. Yeah we lost some drivers when we went to electronic logs years ago, yeah we lost  a few drivers. Then we went to automatic transmission, yeah we lost a few drivers. Though you weren’t a truck... Read More

Gray Trucking

Gray Trucking Testimonial

“The people are great work with. That’s the key. It was so easy. As soon as I call up, I get somebody on the phone. They can walk me through any situation I have…. It couldn’t be any easier, really.”

Grant Parish School Board

logo grantparish

“Grant Parish School Board initially purchased the Infinit-I for Schools program for use in the transportation department. Then we quickly realized that the program could be utilized system wide. Infinit-I for Schools has made recordkeeping for state mandated training, for every employee, extremely easy. Our human resource department no... Read More

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

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