Safety Supervisors, Upgrade Your Safety Culture in 90 Minutes!

Safety Culture is a MUST in today’s world of trucking. You need buy-in from every single person in your team, from the CEO to the safety supervisors and with the new hires sitting in orientation right now.

Creating a culture of safety is one of the biggest challenges of safety supervisors and professionals just like you. You have probably struggled with this before. You have probably thought, “If I could get everyone here to care about safety as much as me, we would be unstoppable!”

So, how do you make every person on your team a star player?

We can do it for you!

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OPS levelup

What makes Operations: Level Up special?

We handed over the Infinit-I Catalog to a top fleet manager at a 3,000+ truck carrier. This expert dispatcher hand-picked the top 90 courses that support mission-critical skills for any Operations employee.

We arranged these courses into five levels (Level 1-Pro Level). Each level contains topics that target skill development. Users will improve knowledge and skill in areas like:

Nine Operations Level Up Features

  • Understanding Hours of Service
  • Recognizing Fatigued Driving
  • Components of Inspection
  • Dangers of Distracted Driving
  • Accident Response
  • FMCSA Supervisor Liability
  • Suspected Substance Abuse
  • Fighting Highway Trafficking
  • Personal Stories from Real Truckers
  • And much more!

Safety Supervisor Operations can Request a Live Demo FreeInfinit-I Workforce Solutions Proudly Presents:
Free Live Demos

Safety supervisors are invited to request a free live demo of our safety management platform with solutions to your company-wide safety culture!

INTRODUCING – Operations: Level Up

This program makes safety the focal point of all departments. Does your company struggle with communication breakdowns, half-hearted training efforts, or would rather deliver on time than follow the rules of the road? If you answered yes, Safety Supervisor Operations: Level Up is for you!

Few dispatchers and planners have ever stepped foot inside a tractor-trailer. Most of them have never traveled over the road 50 weeks a year. They speak different languages, making effective communication a challenge.

Driver and dispatcher communication breakdowns are crushing to productivity, morale, and retention.

Safety Supervisor Operations: Level up your safety management program today. Check out our safety management platform for 30 days risk free today.

Safety Supervisor Operations: Level Up will help your company.

  • Gain insights into truck driver challenges.
  • Expand knowledge of regulations and best practices.
  • Enhance job performance with five levels of C.E.
  • Increase Safety Culture buy-in from all departments.
  • Focus on safety efforts through front-line employees.
  • Improve the safe driving performance of your entire fleet.
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