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Recruitment is Sales

You have jobs available, but not enough applicants to fill those positions. The hard truth is that the Labor Shortage is NOT going to get any better for the next 3 years.

It’s time to look at recruitment for what it really is, SALES!

For more than 20 years, Infinit-I has been offering online training and recruitment solutions. We have learned some valuable lessons along the way. That’s why we developed the Infinit-I guide to recruiting that will help your company outshine and out-hire the competition.

Our exclusive Recruitment is Sales program includes a 2-day workshop, 13-week online course, and monthly webinars to get you to the top of the recruiting pyramid.

Recruiting in 3 Steps

Optimize your recruitment efforts with our 3-step Recruitment is Sales program. It's packed with valuable information and tools that will help you and your team find more and better candidates to fill empty positions in your company.



Join us in Irving, TX for a 2-day Recruitment is Sales workshop.

You will learn how to develop your company message to grab the attention of potential employees.

You will also learn how to create, refine, manage, and use a lead list and how to turn your company story into a presentation that will make your ideal recruits want to work for you.



Once you have developed your message, your list, and your presentation, you will have access to our 13-week Recruitment is Sales training course.

Each week your team will be assigned short videos on specific parts of the process to reinforce what you learned in the workshop.

Weekly assignments will keep your team focused and motivated.



You and your entire team are invited to attend ongoing monthly webinars, where we’ll help you fine-tune your plans, troubleshoot issues, and develop a strong recruiting process.

You will be finding the best employees even during a labor shortage.

Step One: 2-Day Intensive Workshop

Do you know what your company’s core story is?

Do you know how to develop a solid recruitment list?

Do you know how to create a presentation that will make quality employees want to work for you?

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has the tools you need to make your recruitment department a success.

Join us for our 2-day Recruitment is Sales workshop in Irving, TX. You can choose from one of 4 events, or send members of your recruitment department to all 4.

You will learn:

  • How to develop and structure your company message to attract leads
  • How to create and fine-tune your lead and drip lists
  • How to develop your recruitment presentation

Throughout, you will learn how to plan and structure the recruitment process to optimize your success.

Come ready to roll up your sleeves and share questions and concerns. There will be breakout sessions to help you put together recruitment tools you can deploy right away.


Workshop Dates

  • February 8-9, 2023
  • March 7-8, 2023
  • May 10-11, 2023

Want a Preview of Recruitment is Sales?

Check out our “Recruitment is Sales” webinar with the President & CEO of Vertical Alliance Group, Jay Wommack.

This webinar gives a great preview of the recruitment process and how it can transform your recruiting efforts.

Step Two: 13-Week Course

Infinit-I uses microlearning strategies in our training videos, proven to increase understanding and retention. Each video in the 13-week Recruitment is Sales course is less than 10 minutes. They’re designed to support and reinforce the proven recruiting process. Titles include:

  • Basic Messaging Concepts
  • Know Your Company, Know Your Ideal Recruit
  • Follow-Up with a Reason
  • 13 Touch Points
  • Recruiting When You Don’t Want to Recruit
  • Prospering During Shortages
  • The Magic 10,000

Upcoming Recruitment is Sales Webinar Dates:

  • Who is Your Ideal Recruit?- February 8-9, 2022 10:30 am CT
  • Putting Together Your Lead List- March 7-8, 2022 10:30 am CT
  • Developing Your Drip List- May 10-11, 2022 10:30 am CT


Step Three: Monthly Webinars

Stay energized after the workshop with monthly interactive webinars that will break down each step of the recruiting process. We’ll help you fine-tune the tools developed in the workshop and put them in action.

Connecting the Sales Process to Recruitment: You’re ready to put a plan into action to boost your recruitment. In this webinar, we will discuss what the sales process is and how you can implement it in your recruitment efforts. We will look at how to determine what success means for you and discuss the importance of trusting the process.

Who is Your Ideal Recruit?: You don’t just want to increase recruitment; you also want to increase retention. We will discuss how to determine your ideal employee, and what you need in place to make your company desirable to those ideal recruits.

Putting Together Your Lead List: Getting new employees to fill jobs starts with gathering leads. We will discuss how to develop and nurture your lead lists. This includes how to find leads and the tools you need to keep up with them.

Developing Your Drip List: Once you gather leads, you need to start determining which leads are the most promising so you can separate them for more tailored contact. We will discuss what drip lists are, why they are so important for your company, and how to use them effectively.

Putting Together Your Recruitment Presentation: You have your leads, now what? We will discuss the different presentations you need to create to start nurturing your potential recruits. We will look at how to develop and share these presentations, and how to optimize them moving forward.

Putting a Plan in Action: The only way to get results is to put your plans into action. We will discuss how to organize your team and your resources to ensure action is taken and the work is done consistently. We will also talk about the best motivational tools.

Follow-Up is Essential: Just as with sales, recruitment is a process that takes time. We will discuss the importance of consistent follow-up and best practices to make these follow-up efforts worthwhile.

After They Accept: Just because they accept the offer, doesn’t mean your job ends. We will discuss the importance of nurturing new employees after they accept, and what steps you need to take to ensure promises are being kept and employees feel valued.

Test Your Results: Developing your recruitment process is an ongoing effort. We will discuss the importance of testing, what you should test, and what tools you need to keep testing your processes.

Building a Business Model: Success requires setting goals and an understanding of how you will reach those goals. We will discuss how to create a model that will help you know what success means for you and help you track your goals.

Keep it Professional: We will discuss how to perfect your professional skills to be the best at what you are doing and go from a job to a profession.

Prospering No Matter What the Climate: If you want to weather the storms, you must keep up processes no matter what. We will discuss the importance of persistence even during hard times, and how the persistence pays off. We will also discuss the tools and best practices to help you get through the tough times.

Receive Real Support Throughout the Process

This program is packed with valuable information and support to help you create a recruitment plan that can stand up to any situation.

We know this works and we want to see you win. Our team will be available over email to answer questions and provide further personalized suggestions along the way.

Purchase the Recruitment is Sales Package

Get a 2-day workshop in Irving, TX, 12 monthly webinars, and the 52-week Recruitment is Sales training course now!

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