How to prevent Private Fleet Accidents and Incidents using Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions learning management system prevents private fleet accidents by raising your drivers awareness of common driving errors. Our online training system provides valuable corrective tips that improve driver safety and mitigate your fleet’s accident risk.

Every driver in your private fleet is at risk for an incident. Uncontrollable factors like weather, road conditions, and overcrowded highways increase incident risk for every driver in your private fleet. Changing driver behavior is the start of reducing driver incidents and accidents. Driver accident rates will reduce if ongoing safety training is implemented within your private fleet.

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Decreased severity of driver accidents = better insurance rates

Insurance rates are directly tied to the frequency of accidents your company has experienced in a given five-year period. Ongoing training with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can decrease both the frequency and severity of driver accidents, improving your company’s insurance rates over time.

“In 2010, my annual cost for an accident was $10,000. In 2018, I’ve averaged $2600 per accident for the 8.5 years I’ve been with Infinit-I. This blew my mind. Then you get into accident cost per mile, and that’s going down. Say we have an average of 40 accidents a year. You take 40 accidents at $10,000 and you drop it down to $2600, that’s a minimum of $290,000 saved per year in just one area of safety!”
BR Williams Trucking
Allan Hicks, CDS Vice President

Infinit-I’s video content library includes over 800 training videos

With over 800 videos in our video library, the Infinit-I learning management system can be used for driver retention improvement, driver orientation, safety awareness training, and much more. To gauge driver comprehension, each training module is followed by a few customizable test questions.

Just a small sample of the safety and accident training for private fleets offered through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions:

Safety Culture and Driver Accident Prevention

  • Adverse Driving Conditions: Reinforces the safety practices used to drive and work in inclement weather
  • Bridges and Overpasses: Describes the potential hazards and dangers of bridges and overpasses to large commercial vehicles
  • Distracted Drivers and Cell Phones: Emphasizes the dangers of driver distraction during the operation of a commercial vehicle
  • Jackknifing: Defines the scenario known as jackknifing; describes the physics of the event and how to prevent it
  • Loading, Transporting, and Unloading Heavy Equipment: Loading and securing heavy loads is always a challenge and there are never any shortcuts!
  • Rapid Loss Of Tire Air (Blowout): Produced by Michelin Tire, this training describes what a driver should do in the event of rapid air loss (blowout) of a truck tire
  • Road Rage: Defines the phenomenon called “Road Rage” and the causes of the event
  • Tailgating: Discusses the importance of not tailgating and the correct following distances for certain weather conditions
  • Work Zones: Describes the potential hazards when coming into and traveling through work zones

Infinit-I LMS for Private Fleets

“I used to travel to each location a minimum of 2 times per year to facilitate monthly safety training meetings. Now we facilitate and administrate with ease from one central location.”
Monterey Mushrooms
Donna Compton, Safety & DOT Compliance Manager


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