Within 72 hours of orientation, new employees will decide to stay or leave your private fleet.

Drivers and new employees will decide to leave your company for a better employer within 72 hours of orientation. Therefore, it’s critical to earn the loyalty of your employees right from the start. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can help.

Segment your private fleet orientation to deliver information clearly and concisely



Basic paperwork, initial training modules, and new hire documentation


On-Site Training

ONLY tasks that are pertinent with office references



Self-paced, microlearning for improved comprehension and understanding

The majority of Infinit-I clients have cut their onboarding time and costs by 33% to over 50%

More ways Infinit-I improves your private fleet orientation:

Mobile and online communication is uniquely tailored to the private fleet industry

With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, drivers can access your online orientation materials on any platform that has internet access. This method of communication is preferred by drivers and other private fleet employees, allowing them to complete their training from anywhere and at any time.

Get your drivers on the road faster by decreasing the number of orientation days

Private fleets that use Infinit-I can handle driver documentation pre-orientation, ensuring that every minute of any in-person communication is actually valuable to the company. Gone are the days of the sit-down, three-day orientation process.

A digitally transformed private fleet orientation cuts costs, saves you time, and keeps your employees loyal.

ROI of onboarding and orientation through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions:

  • Employees complete training before coming on-site
  • Reduce number of orientation days (average of 33% to 50%)
  • Quicker time to new driver productivity
  • Significantly reduce orientation/onboarding costs (by as much as 50%)
  • Better driver pre-qualification
  • Infinit-I personally trains your recruiter and HR personnel on how to use the system

Seeing is Believing

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Cut Down or Eliminate Orientation Costs with Infinit-I

“We used to spend $1,000 per driver on our orientation, including bus ticket, hotel, meals, and man hours for the instructor. If we hired a driver on Friday, he was not on the road for us until the following Wednesday. With Infinit-I, we have virtually eliminated our entire orientation costs. Now, if we hire a driver on Friday, he can be on the road moving freight for us on Saturday. We gained four days of miles per driver.”
Milan Express
Pat Landreth, Loss Prevention Manager

More ways Infinit-I improves your private fleet onboarding:

Help your private fleet drivers feel valued with digital onboarding

With driver turnover rate at 94%, private fleets need a consistent way of communicating with new hires. Onboarding through Infinit-I Workforce Solutions ensures that every employee in your company receives communication from your executive management in exactly the way you’ve intended.

Keep employees loyal to your company with custom content

Infinit-I ensures your drivers are receiving accurate communication directly from you, instead of hearing about your company from someone else. Creating custom onboarding content, such as a welcome video message from your executive management, is just one of the many advantages of a digitally transformed onboarding process.

Better driver pre-qualification

“Weed out” drivers who are not committed to their job. Our clients have found that digital onboarding helps them identify their best employees.

Cut the Cost of In-Person Training through Infinit-I

“Our orientation was cut from three days to one day. I had to pay drivers based on union contracts, pay owner operator $900 or more, rent the facility and the costs of the meals on top of that. It adds up quickly. We saved a considerable amount of money [with Infiniti-I].”
Mario Descheneaux, Safety & Compliance


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