Private Fleet DOT Compliance Reporting Documentation

Effective documentation of your private fleet’s DOT compliance can lower your CSA scores, protect you from litigation, and increases your insurability. All of these measures combined can save your fleet thousands of dollars.

Paper records are a liability to your private fleet

Unless your record-keeping system is digitized, the number of paper records in your office will double every three years. Nearly 8% of all paper documents are lost, and 3% of paper documents are misfiled.

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

A third-party estimated a 40% document-related cost reduction for every company with a learning management system like Infinit-I. Increased workflow efficiency with an LMS like Infinit-I can save your company up to 6,000 hours annually, or 2.4 full-time staff positions.

Sources: Gartner, Inc. and Laserfiche

With Infinit-I Workforce Solutions as your DOT compliance reporting software, you can:

  • Relax during training audits
  • Silence plaintiff’s attorneys
  • Breeze through depositions
  • Streamline record keeping
  • Pull custom & automated reports
  • Eliminate paper documentation
  • Automatically email out custom reports as often as you’d like
  • See which drivers have been assigned training, including what training they’ve completed and when they logged into the system

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DOT Compliance Reporting through Infinit-I is a huge asset to your private fleet

“[Infiniti-I] made [our deposition] a lot easier. Especially when I have a plaintiff’s attorney that is subpoenaing training records. I know that I’ve got everything they need. Amen! to [digital] record keeping. All I have to do is go in and punch a button, and I get whatever I need.”
KLLM Transport
Ricky Parker, Director of Safety

DOT Compliance Documentation Case Study

How Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Helped Ram Services Through a DOT Audit

Since 2004, Ram Services has successfully operated a fleet of 15 trucks out of the Dallas, TX area. When they lost one of their drivers to a single-vehicle fatality accident, they knew a DOT audit was coming. What they didn’t know was how severe that accident was going to substantially impact their bottom line.

With the exception of two recordable accidents, Ram Services’ audit was one any transportation company would be proud of. As a low mileage carrier, however, the two recordable accidents on the FMCSA formula pushed the company’s “Crash” Basic too high, and Ram Services’ rating was downgraded from “satisfactory” to “conditional.”

All of Ram Services’ customers required that their freight provider hold a “satisfactory” rating – essentially putting the company out of business. Ram Services knew they had to do something – and fast.

As the company began the appeal process, a DOT field officer called two months earlier than expected to discuss the appeal. He asked Ram Services to provide four things:

  1. Training Records
  2. Last Safety Meeting Agenda
  3. Sign-In Sheet
  4. The Accident Countermeasures Plan

While it would take many companies weeks to pull this information together, and other companies wouldn’t have the documentation at all, Ram Services used their Infinit-I digital reporting to immediately access and submit all required documentation. As users of Infinit-I Workforce System, their training records were all in one place.

“Since we use Infinit-I, I was able to send him a 54-page Excel document with every training module my guys have done and passed for the last two years. My Client Success Representative and I had planned training for this year in December, so I was even able to easily provide him our Accident Countermeasures Plan, too,” said Angela Klattenhoff, owner of Ram Services.

During her call with the field representative, Klattenhoff was able to show how her company had showed steady improvement in all Basics since the inception of CSA 2010.

Less than one week after the call, Ram Services was back in business with all of their former clients, thanks to the digital documentation capabilities of Infinit-I. The field representative wrote:

“After reviewing your request, the safety management plan, and the evidence submitted, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is granting your request. Effective immediately, Ram Services’ safety rating is hereby upgraded to ‘satisfactory.”

Ram Services was saved, and all of their drivers were back on the road.

“[Our story] is a real-life example of how documented training, past and future, makes a huge difference in your ability to get ratings changed,” Klattenhoff said.

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