Upgrade Your Safety Culture in 90 Minutes!

Safety Culture is a MUST in today’s world of trucking. You need buy-in from every single person in your team, from the CEO to the new hires sitting in orientation right now.

Creating a culture of safety is one of the biggest challenges of trucking professionals just like you. You have probably struggled with this before. You have probably thought, “If I could get everyone here to care about safety as much as me, we would be unstoppable!”

So, how do you make every person on your team a star player?

We can do it for you!

OPS levelup

What makes Operations: Level Up special?

We handed over the Infinit-I Catalog to a top fleet manager at a 3,000+ truck carrier. This expert dispatcher hand-picked the top 90 courses that support mission-critical skills for any Operations employee.

We arranged these courses into five levels (Level 1-Pro Level). Each level contains topics that target skill development. Users will improve knowledge and skill in areas like:

Nine Operations Level Up Features

  • Understanding Hours of Service
  • Recognizing Fatigued Driving
  • Components of Inspection
  • Dangers of Distracted Driving
  • Accident Response
  • FMCSA Supervisor Liability
  • Suspected Substance Abuse
  • Fighting Highway Trafficking
  • Personal Stories from Real Truckers
  • And much more!

Ops level up stackInfinit-I Workforce Solutions Proudly Presents OPERATIONS: Level Up

Trucking’s newest solution to company-wide safety culture!

INTRODUCING – Operations: Level Up

This program makes safety the focal point of all departments. Does your company struggle with communication breakdowns, half-hearted training efforts, or would rather deliver on time than follow the rules of the road? If you answered yes, Operations: Level Up is for you!

Few dispatchers and planners have ever stepped foot inside a tractor-trailer. Most of them have never traveled over the road 50 weeks a year. They speak different languages, making effective communication a challenge.

Driver and dispatcher communication breakdowns are crushing to productivity, morale, and retention.

Download your free copy of the all-new Operations: Level Up Catalog available ONLY in the Infinit-I Workforce Library.

How does Operations: Level Up help your company?

  • Gain insights into truck driver challenges.
  • Expand knowledge of regulations and best practices.
  • Enhance job performance with five levels of C.E.
  • Increase Safety Culture buy-in from all departments.
  • Focus on safety efforts through front-line employees.
  • Improve the safe driving performance of your entire fleet.

Are your Ops employees motivated, dedicated, and ready to improve?

This catalog offers relevant content for anyone in your company who interacts with truck drivers daily. Think about your dispatchers, fleet managers, and anyone in your organization who needs the same knowledge base as your drivers.

Constant improvement is the key to an unstoppable team. This series of five levels of industry-specific training courses will elevate your Ops crew from good to Pro in no time.

Every trucker wants their dispatcher to understand the demands of trucker life. After each level, your Ops employees will gain insights about life on the road. Their newfound common ground will make communication break downs a thing of the past.

Download Your FREE Catalog Now!

Ops level up stack

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