Train Your Truck Drivers & Terminal Warehouse Employees

Terminal warehouse safety and OSHA related training is a necessity in the modern workplace. These types of working environments have many potential and similar hazards; common sense is not always enough to protect workers from danger and that’s where we can really help. This terminal section covers the ten top areas that OSHA has determined are the most dangerous and many other topics where employees need to pay attention. Not only pay attention to what others are doing and their surroundings, but the equipment they use, good housekeeping practices, and everyday mishaps like slips, trips and falls.

Transportation and Terminal – The Perfect Employee Safety Training Combination

Train Truck Drivers and Warehouse Employees. Combine safety video training for both your truck driver’s and your terminal warehouse employees – all on the Infinit-I Workforce System.

If you have a warehouse or similar facility, you probably see a great deal of trucking activity. The Infinit-i Workforce System has been serving the trucking industry for many years with safety, FMCSA CSA training, health issues, driving practices, fuel efficiency, and much more, all delivered via online training.

An industry first, Infinit-I Workforce System includes a unique and time saving, Resource Center, allows you to import all of your HR, orientation and existing training materials for your drivers to review – all online – the ideal employee self-serve system. It’s the perfect online training solution to cover both your warehouse and transportation employees’ needs.