Three Tips to Better Manage Accident Risk for Your Transportation Firm

A close-up of a driver holding a steering wheel | manage accident risk

In May 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published its 2017 Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts. And let’s just say: sometimes facts are scarier than fiction. So, how can you manage accident risk for your transportation firm?

According to FMCSA, there was a 9-percent increase in fatal accidents involving trucks or buses... Read More

Three Ideas for Improving CSA Scores

three semi trucks driving toward the camera | poor CSA scores

Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) shouldn’t just be a priority for your business, but a core value as well. So we’ve compiled our top three ideas for maintaining and improving CSA scores, to help your business develop a culture of safety and keep your drivers on the road.

Keeping your drivers on the road is a top priority, and... Read More

How Truckers Can Help Combat Human Trafficking

The Truckers Against Trafficking Logo overlaying several trucks driving on a highway toward the camera | help combat human trafficking this January during Human Trafficking Awareness month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. We are partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking to use our unique positioning to combat human trafficking. Most human trafficking happens via major transportation routes and hubs, and truck drivers can be a first line of defense.

What is Human Trafficking?

The definition of human trafficking is... Read More

Why Enhanced Safety Culture Is Your #1 Money Saver

enhanced safety culture

You’re probably working on the budget about now. Looking at 2020 with tight margins, what do you do? Where do you cut? Do you negotiate better prices on tires? Fuel? Do you start eliminating positions or cutting back hours? The solution is not saving in dribs and drabs. You need to break through the pattern of diminishing industry returns. A decisive,... Read More

Benefits of Low-Impact Training

A truck drives down a road | low-impact training

Have you heard of low-impact driver training? If not, it’s time. It’s revolutionizing driver safety results. Here’s how.

The Failure of High-Impact Training 

Imagine you’re trying to lose weight. You hire a personal trainer. She says she can only see you on a workday. Then she brings you in on the first day, but instead of 1-on-1,... Read More

Documentation, Risk Mitigation, and IRT Scoring

documentation is essential for IRT scoring

Improving safety practices without improving documentation is like getting your degree, but not keeping your transcript. You can say you did all you could. You may have met your goals. But at the end of the day, you’ve literally got nothing to show. That’s the position of many trucking companies every day by training drivers with an unreliable... Read More

6 Things Your Safety Documentation Needs to Succeed

Three red semi trucks parked next to each other | safety documentation

Are you ready for your next deposition? How about your next audit? No trucking company wants there to be a next deposition or audit. But you’ve got to prepare. What does your safety documentation need to succeed? Can you ensure it’s working for you at the critical moment?

Wearing Your Armor

Your business relies on reliable documentation. No... Read More

New Safety Training Released This Quarter

a transparent picture of a truck - new training

If you haven’t heard, we are adding another vital component to our content library, and we’re excited to share about our new training offerings this quarter. 

All videos we release from this point forward will be in English and Spanish! We’re currently updating the HAZMAT portion of our library to reflect this new commitment to... Read More

Implementing Driver Engagement Programs That Work

driver engagement programs

At the end of the day, a driver working is mainly about a good job and a paycheck. But what does a “good job” mean? The answer might surprise you. In this gig-economy, good relationships, and meaningful engagement at work are more of a premium than ever, especially if you want to attract younger drivers who are looking for a fulfilling experience on... Read More

6 Steps to Improve ROI for Trucking Companies—the Right Way

A truck drives toward the camera at sunset - improve ROI for trucking companies

At the end of the day, if you’re not earning money, your business isn’t growing. Leaders like you are continually looking for ways to improve ROI for trucking companies. But you also need to keep drivers happy, think about the overall health of your business environment, and grow your people.

How do you improve the bottom line without merely... Read More

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