June 4-6 is International Roadcheck

International Roadcheck

It’s just three days away. Are you ready? We’ll do a quick review of what this blitz involves, and share some keys to improving your results.

June 4-6 is International Roadcheck International Roadcheck: a summary

This year’s International Roadcheck will take place on June 4-6, 2019, and focus on steering and suspension systems.... Read More

How Our System Mitigates Legal Trucking Liability

Mitigate Legal Trucking Liability

If you’re in the trucking business, you definitely want to stay out of the courtroom. But with millions of tons of truck on the road every day, that’s hard to guarantee. Driver training, maintenance, and good management help you mitigate that risk as much as possible. But what are you to do when one of your drivers fails to live up to... Read More

How to Prepare for a DOT Audit

DOT Audit

When preparing for a DOT audit, you don’t have to be nervous or wonder whether you’re ready. There are a lot of moving parts to documentation in a trucking business. Driver training and certification, safety measures and remediations can be some of the hardest to track, especially when you’ve got drivers on the road and often across the country.... Read More

What New CSA Changes Have to Do with Driver Training

What New CSA Changes Have to Do with Driver Training

Changes are coming to the CSA program. Are you ready for them? Here’s what you need to know to meet the challenge and stay sharp, and how Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can help you face the changes.

What’s not changing

FMCSA’s safety measurement system will still use roadside inspections and violations data to produce its metrics.... Read More

8 Ways to Cut Your Insurance Costs

Cut Insurance Costs

An excellent driving record and better driver training for all your drivers means enhanced business, maintaining good relationships with clients, and managing costs. It affects road safety, CSA performance, litigation, and interactions with law enforcement. It’s a pretty simple formula, but one that can make or break your trucking... Read More

Benefits of Online Training vs. In-person Safety Meetings

Benefits of Online Training

Added safety training doesn’t have to take your drivers off the job. Get all your drivers in the classroom, every time, by making the classroom virtual. The benefits are practical and meet some of your toughest challenges.

Proven benefits of online training

Get all your drivers there

I’m happy when I can get... Read More

Why Branding & Marketing Matter in Attracting Quality Drivers

With more trucking jobs than drivers, you’ve got to stand out. What’s your strategy? You can’t always offer the most money, the best hours, and benefits that beat the rest. So what makes you stand out?

Branding and marketing can help you find the right truckers.

You may not be convinced! The fact is, truck drivers are not attuned to a sell.... Read More

Distracted Driver Safety Month

Distracted Driver Safety Month

New data on driver distraction amounts to what could be called an epidemic of unsafe, even deadly, driving behavior. Are you doing your due diligence in training drivers? Are you willing to even go above and beyond? Your business may depend on it. Lives may depend on it.

Can you beat the statistics?

Keeping roads safe is a service to your... Read More

How Our System Helps Reduce Driver Turnover

How Our System Helps Reduce Driver Turnover

Driver turnover is no joke. These days it’s at 80% and higher, across the country. Drivers are leaving with such frequency it’s hard for trucking companies to keep up. Even high-paying companies struggle to keep drivers.

It’s not just that drivers are being picky. (Though the fact is, they can afford to be!) There are real issues at... Read More

How to Reduce Driver Orientation Time and Costs

How to Reduce Driver Orientation Time and Costs

The biggest savings for trucking companies begin with Safety and Compliance and Risk Management. And, better drivers depend on better training. Earlier this month we posted a blog to help you save time and money on your whole onboarding process. Today we’re going to focus on orientation itself. What’s the difference between onboarding and... Read More

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