Marijuana Legalization: DOT to Audit Drug-Testing Policies

Marijuana Legalization

The U.S. Department of Transportation is reviewing its drug policies in light of marijuana legalization. And it looks as if the policies are about to get tougher.

Marijuana Legalization: DOT to Audit Drug-Testing Policies

Currently, marijuana is allowed in various state-regulated forms in 33 states. That means 95% of the country’s... Read More

Independent Contractors and Safety Training

Independent Contractors

In California recently, there have been efforts to legally classify some independent contractors as employees. Some verdicts determined that contractors who were asked to perform the role of an employee in specific ways should also receive employee benefits, including payroll taxes and health insurance.

Independent Contractors and Safety... Read More

Records. Records. Records. The Key to Mitigate Risk

mitigate risk

You’re in a risky business. Every business has moving parts, but yours weigh several tons and are rolling down the road at 60+ miles per hour. Every business has financial risks, but yours include millions in cargo, as well as serious health and safety hazards. Your risks can lead to devastating financial losses, as well as the loss of human life.... Read More

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions: New Features and State-of-the-Art User Interface

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

We’re listening. The Infinit-I Workforce Solutions team is always working hard to make sure the training technology your company needs is the technology we provide. We are excited to announce that we’ve recently added a few things to our system that we think you’re really going to love.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions: New Features and... Read More

Driver Safety Tips for the Summer

summer driver safety

Welcome to July, folks! Fleet safety directors know what summer means. And we’re all preparing for hot, hot summers and crazier weather than usual. Our driver safety tips will help you prepare for this summer’s hottest weather and keep your drivers healthy and happy.

Driver Safety Tips for the Summer

It’s already common practice... Read More

4 Ways to Reduce Accidents in 2019

Reduce accidents

Reducing accidents in the trucking business is a no-brainer — not in how you’re going to do it, but in the fact that you need to. Four ways to reduce accidents now begins with keeping the urgency of the task in front of you.

4 Ways to Reduce Accidents in 2019 The cost of accidents

Accidents are dangerous, and they’re expensive.... Read More

Spotted Lanternfly Threat: Survival Guide for Trucking Companies

spotted lanternfly

You may have heard of the spotted lanternfly epidemic in the eastern U.S. You may have also heard that it’s affecting trucking fleets. The invasive species is hitting hard, and trucking companies that ship through affected areas have been put on alert with new regulations and a required permit. Those who cannot show a permit upon inspection can be... Read More

3 Top Tips for Improving Incident Management

Incident Management

A distinction you often hear about in trucking is between accidents and incidents. The distinction is important because prevention and resolution are managed differently for each, and it’s important to learn how to keep associated costs under control. We’re here to help with these 3 tips for improving incident management.

An... Read More

How Our System Helps Meet DOT Compliance Standards

DOT compliance

From emissions standards and road rules to smart driving technology, keep your trucking fleet up to date on the most current DOT compliance standards. As the trucking industry rapidly changes, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions exists to help you not miss a beat.

How Our System Helps Meet DOT Compliance Standards How do DOT changes affect your... Read More

Why Documentation is Key to Risk Mitigation

risk mitigation

What are your biggest risks in the trucking business? Apart from road conditions, hazardous freight, and unpredictable passenger vehicles, your biggest risks are financial. How do you make wise choices, mitigate costs, and stay on the black side of your ledger? Discover how the key to risk mitigation is frequent training and... Read More

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