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What Do Truckers Bring to the Table? Thank A Trucker 2021

Thank A Trucker What Do Truckers Bring to the Table?   Everything.  

Stop for just a moment and look all around you. What do you see? Truckers that need some love so please thank a trucker today!

Maybe you are sitting at your desk. You see your computer, mouse, a framed family picture, and steaming hot coffee.  

Or... Read More

Truckers Parking Nightmares – Top Concern of 2021

Truckers Parking Nightmares Truckers Parking Nightmares

As usual, the top concern for carriers is the ongoing driver shortage. Others admitted concerns about CSA, rising insurance costs, and driver retention. The principal problem for drivers, however, is the truckers parking. 

Our very own Craig Hart and Mark Rhea welcomed Anthony Petitte, CEO, and Founder of Truck... Read More

Consequences of Driving Overloaded Vehicles

Dangers of Overloading

Your rig is up for any task you throw at it and never backs down. You expect it to handle long hauls without bogging down, all while keeping you and your cargo safe & secure.

With the economy coming back, it is critical to delivering needed items. Getting more freight delivered benefits the whole value chain. Everyone must understand how... Read More

FMCSA Issues Emergency Declaration Due to Pipeline Cyberattack


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives emergency relief from hours-of-service regulations again. This is for East coast carriers involved in refined petroleum supply chains. Colonial Pipeline experienced a cyber-attack. They have extensive operations across many states.

The declaration helps all drivers and motor carriers operating... Read More

The Private Motor Truck Council Clarifies ArriveCAN for the Trucking Industry

infiniti canada low The PMTC (Private Motor Truck Council) has worked to clarify ArriveCAN as it pertains to Trucking. Please see the message below: 

As you know, The Government of Canada has utilized various tools at its disposal to help limit the spread of COVID-19 across the border. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBSA has been working closely with... Read More

Texas-Based Company creates COMPLIMENTARY “Driving in Winter Weather” Training Course in honor of fatalities in recent crashes.

Mandatory Shutdowns Banner Texas-Based Company creates COMPLIMENTARY “Driving in Winter Weather” Training Course in honor of fatalities in recent crashes. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions takes steps to prevent future winter weather-related crash fatalities.

February 18, 2021

Dallas, TX – Infinit-I Workforce... Read More

Engage Bootcamp – Shift Your Mindset in 2021 – A Unique Perspective from Trucking Experts

Banner Infinit-I Remote Engage Bootcamp – Round 2 Shift Your Mindset in 2021 – A Unique Perspective from Trucking Experts 

November’s Bootcamp was an all-out success. After the conference, we asked attendees exactly which insights would guarantee their successes, be the most profitable, protective, and safety-focused. Engage Bootcamp... Read More

Infinit-I Upgrades: New Gen Platform i3 and Partnership Integration with DriverReach

DR blog banner

Newly revealed enhancements and integrations continue to solidify Infinit-I as the market-leading provider of online training in trucking, student transportation, and warehousing.

Read about our partnership with Idelic here.

Technological Innovations

We recently released the third generation of our online... Read More

Snow, Ice, and Panic. Driver and Dispatcher Abandonment.

Depositphotos 243506918 xl 2015

Winter fell hard and fast in the fourth quarter of 2019. During that time, I spend countless hours ensuring my fleet was ready for the impact snow and ice can present. The ice storms that overtook the northern half of both coasts and the Midwest thwarted our preparation attempts. Current forecasts predict the wintry conditions will be present this... Read More

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions Pledges Support for Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)

bridge O.U.R. has Helped to Save 3,000 Children from Sex Trafficking and Brought 1,800 Predators to Justice 

Dallas, TX – Infinit-I Workforce Solutions, the leader in on-demand business education for safety training anytime, anywhere, announces support for Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a non-profit which assists... Read More

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