6 Ways to Ensure Policy Enforcement and Management

Trucking Policy Enforcement and Management

Trucking company managers and owners must carefully consider policy enforcement strategy for the sake of the law and company interests. The trick is how to do it?

Policy enforcement/management is a linchpin strategy and includes:

• Safety training – new hire/orientation and continuous training • Driver remediation • Money-saving... Read More

5 Ways to Cut Transportation Expenses in 2020

A Jack-O-Lantern eats several dollar bills -cut trucking expenses

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And that’s precisely what it can feel like when you’re trying to reduce spending in your fleet budget. Each year you face similar budget choices, and with rising prices on fuel and insurance, it’s tough to make a big change. This is why you need a budget solution that’s going to tap into several... Read More

Why and How to Set Proper Expectations with New Drivers

new drivers

Setting proper expectations with new drivers is a crucial part of driver assimilation. For every 100 drivers you hire, you’ll have to rehire 80 of them, and a large number of turnovers happen within the first 90 days of employment. If drivers feel things “click” within 90 days, they’ve assimilated successfully. If they don’t, they... Read More

Checklist for FMCSA Compliance

3 Trucks, One Red, One Organge, One Yellow Lined Up Next to Eachother - FMSCA - Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Where do your drivers miss the mark most? Do you have a checklist?

Actually, you do. It’s called the pre- and post-trip inspection checklist.

What drivers catch or miss in daily inspection directly impacts your business, to the tune of tens of thousands to millions of dollars a year, with big-budget items like fuel economy, lawsuits, and... Read More

8 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

George Washington pointing below - fuel efficiency

Fuel is one of your biggest expenses in trucking. You run millions of miles every year. At around 70,000 miles of fuel per year per truck, that’s millions of dollars worth of fuel on an annual basis. Better fuel efficiency is major money in your pocket.

8 Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

When you can address your fleet MPG, you’re... Read More

10 Benefits of Utilizing Infinit-I Workforce Solutions to Maintain Training Compliance

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Compliance is mandatory in the trucking industry. But when it’s not clear how to move the numbers, it’s hard to stay energized and inventive. The good news is, with the tools and tactics of online training and with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions on your side, you can simplify, get off the hamster wheel, and see improvement.

10 Benefits of... Read More

7 Ways to Get Drivers to Participate in Safety Training

Safety compliance is one of the key components of a successful strategy in trucking. But it’s still common for companies to struggle when getting drivers on board. What’s behind the resistance? 

7 Ways to Get Drivers to Participate in Safety Training

Safety compliance is one of the key components of a successful strategy in... Read More

Medical Examiner Fraud and DOT Response

Medical Examiner Fraud

Earlier this year, the FMCSA began an audit of medical examiners on their National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Launched in 2014, the registry made available a list of physicians certified to perform full medical examinations for truck drivers and issue valid medical cards in order to meet DOT requirements. Find out the DOT response to... Read More

Online Training and Geographically Dispersed Drivers

Truck on a Map of North America - Online Training - Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

Many trucking companies maintain a fleet of geographically dispersed drivers, spread over the U.S. or North America. This can mean major business benefits and a wide network of carrier relationships, but also comes with its own set of problems when it comes to communications and driver training. This is where online training becomes an ideal... Read More

New Training Features Released

new training features

Change is inevitable in the trucking industry. Can you do more than keep up? Here’s on update on our new training features.

New Training Features Released

We do more than keep up. We make it our mission to stay ahead of the curve so we can tell you what’s coming. We craft training solutions and mitigate risks for individual... Read More

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