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2021 Infrastructure Bill: Good News For Driver Recruitment

driver recruitment traffic, highway, lights-332857.jpg Good News for Driver Recruitment

After months of stalling from the U.S. House of Representatives, a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill barely passed on November 6, 2021. This bill could help with driver recruitment along with providing funds for infrastructure.

The infrastructure bill deals with several issues, but most importantly to the... Read More

Truck Safety Sensors Risk Management 2021

Truck Safety Sensors Risk Management Truck Safety Sensors Risk Management

Thanks to nuclear verdicts, risk management is already tricky for the trucking industry, but plaintiff attorneys continue to find ways to increase your risk. You already know the importance of keeping up with CSA records and company documentation to reduce litigation risk.

What you may not know is the new... Read More

Celebrating Trucking Safety Winner 2021

Celebrating Trucking Safety Grammer NTTC Safety Professional Grand Award Trucking Safety for the Win

Trucking safety is an important part of running a company. Maintaining good training and records protects everyone from the owner to the drivers. Good safety programs also protect everyone on the road with your trucks.

It’s that time of year when the trucking industry highlights the companies with the best safety... Read More

Celebrating Fleet Safety: Winners of Fleet Safety Awards 2021

Celebrating Fleet Safety: Winners of Fleet Safety Awards Celebrating Fleet Safety

The trucking industry has made strides towards fleet safety over the years. Companies have increased safety training and improved record-keeping. These efforts are gaining recognition at several conferences.

Thanks to this recognition, companies had the opportunity to celebrate keeping their drivers safe this year. Fleet... Read More

3 Major Mistakes Cost Millions in Nuclear Verdicts & Preventable Accidents

3 Major Mistakes Cost Millions in Nuclear Verdicts Preventable Accidents Preventable Accidents

Connor Dzion was a blooming honor student in his freshman year of college. The 18-year-old was beginning the adult phase of his life when he was killed in a preventable accident. Connor was in his first two weeks of college when his life was taken by two drivers who should not have been on the road.  

On September 4th,... Read More

Pandemic’s Impact on FEMA Relief After Hurricane Ida 2021

Pandemic’s Impact on FEMA Relief After Hurricane Ida 2021 Pandemic’s Impact on FEMA Relief After Hurricane Ida Hurricanes are something that many Southerners fear. Hurricane’s perils are not only about torrential rain and frightening winds, but about being at home without power for weeks at a time. The trucking industry plays a significant role in disaster relief due to our experience with past storms and... Read More

What Do Truckers Bring to the Table? Thank A Trucker 2021

Thank A Trucker What Do Truckers Bring to the Table?   Everything.  

Stop for just a moment and look all around you. What do you see? Truckers that need some love so please thank a trucker today!

Maybe you are sitting at your desk. You see your computer, mouse, a framed family picture, and steaming hot coffee.  

Or maybe, you’re at home,... Read More

Truckers Parking Nightmares – Top Concern of 2021

Truckers Parking Nightmares Truckers Parking Nightmares

As usual, the top concern for carriers is the ongoing driver shortage. Others admitted concerns about CSA, rising insurance costs, and driver retention. The principal problem for drivers, however, is the truckers parking. 

Our very own Craig Hart and Mark Rhea welcomed Anthony Petitte, CEO, and Founder of Truck Park,... Read More

Consequences of Driving Overloaded Vehicles

Dangers of Overloading

Your rig is up for any task you throw at it and never backs down. You expect it to handle long hauls without bogging down, all while keeping you and your cargo safe & secure.

With the economy coming back, it is critical to delivering needed items. Getting more freight delivered benefits the whole value chain. Everyone must understand how... Read More

FMCSA Issues Emergency Declaration Due to Pipeline Cyberattack


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives emergency relief from hours-of-service regulations again. This is for East coast carriers involved in refined petroleum supply chains. Colonial Pipeline experienced a cyber-attack. They have extensive operations across many states.

The declaration helps all drivers and motor carriers operating... Read More

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