Emergency First Aid Training Online

Safety managers can us our Infinit-I Workforce System for their driver training safety awareness programs from anywhere.

Emergency First Aid means dealing with urgent conditions and is the immediate care given to the injured or suddenly ill person. It's temporary assistance that is rendered until competent medical care, if required, arrives and takes over. This program has been designed to help provide basic information to ALL employees.

Being able to properly apply first aid can save lives, reduce recovery time, and can possibly be the difference between a temporary disability and a lifelong disability for the victim. This applies to work situations, home and private life, because accidents unfortunately happen in every aspect of our lives. This training program is designed to provide information every adult should be familiar with and can use to help victims especially if you're the only person at the scene of an accident or you are required to assist others.
Some of the training topics covered in this series:

  • Shock
  • Bleeding
  • CPR
  • Respiratory Safety
  • Poison & Overdose
  • Signs of a Heart Attack

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