Battery Charging Training

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Fleet safety managers can use our Infinit-I Workforce System for their driver training safety awareness programs without having drivers come into terminals.

An electric lifting device is designed to operate for one shift and then be charged on the next shift or overnight. Some employers routinely change batteries instead of charging them in the vehicle. The discharged battery is Safety Training Charging a battery removed from the forklift or other lifting device and a charged battery is installed in its place.

Only trained personnel should charge and change batteries in electric forklifts. In addition to training in battery changing and charging procedures, these employees should be trained on emergency procedures in the event of an acid splash, including how to use eyewash and shower facilities. Potential Hazards:

  • Batteries are very heavy.
  • Batteries contain sulfuric acid that is highly corrosive and could be splashed on personnel servicing or changing batteries.
  • Toward the end of the battery charging process, batteries can give off highly explosive hydrogen fumes.
  • Contact with battery cells can cause electrical short circuits, which can burn unprotected skin.

Recommended Practices is to always follow your facility's specific safety procedures. Follow the recharger manufacturer's recommendations for attaching and removing cables and for proper operation of your equipment. Some of the topics covered in this training series:

  • Battery Charging and Changing Procedures
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Sulfuric Acid Splash
  • First Aid
  • Battery Charging Area


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