Trucking Companies Help Your Owner Operators Business

April 09 2015

With ever increasing fuel, insurance, maintenance and equipment costs, the individual owner operator is becoming scarcer everyday. Trucking companies looking to remove depreciable assets and employment taxes from their books are enticing more company drivers to “make the move” to owner operator. Many that “make the move” fail. Why do Owner Operators fail? Some reasons include:

  • A catastrophic breakdown occurs and there's no money set aside for repairs
  • Failure to understand the revenue-cost equation
  • Failure to pay taxes
  • Administrative and transaction fees
  • And many more

Source: Expediters - DOLLARS & SENSE - Why Owner-Operators Fail - By Jeff Jensen, Editor.

Successful owner operators are extremely valuable and require an investment in business training to succeed.

Vertical Alliance Group has partnered with CBSI to provide business training for your Independent Contractors

This initial 6-part training series will cover:

Business Structure – choosing the right one


Paying attention to the IRS

Building your business team


Having financial info available to run your business

Running your business – doing the fundamentals right


Stability – the “IT” factor

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