Crash Indicator Recognize Safe Driving

March 17 2015
This countermeasure is designed to assist the motor carrier in encouraging safe driving and to improve driver awareness of safety. Safe driving recognition or incentive programs should be an integral part of a formal motor carrier safety program. Such programs identify superior driving performance and set forth the selected drivers as examples to be emulated by the rest of the carrier fleet. Such programs can be generated internally within the company or through participation in national safe driver award programs conducted by trade and industry associations.

Safety Management Process

Policies and Procedures

Roles and Responsibilities

Qualification and Hiring

• Develop a safe driver recognition and incentive program.

• Establish procedures for evaluating and monitoring the safety performance of drivers.

• Identify, clearly define, and document the role of senior manager(s) for implementing a safe driver recognition and incentive program.

• Consider enhancing the recruitment process to identify and attract qualified applicants by using outside sources: websites, insurance companies, industry groups, consultants, etc.

• Query applicants, check with previous employer(s), and obtain necessary documents regarding driving violations, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), operational qualifications, and training, as well as related background, medical conditions, and driver behavior.

Training and Communication

Monitoring and Tracking

Meaningful Action

• Implement training that encourages safe driving performance, heightens driver safety awareness, and fosters driver professionalism.

• Implement an effective process for monitoring driver performance and skills.

• Regularly review carrier safety performance and the effectiveness of the carrier safety program.

• Consider utilizing incentives and/or recognition programs in order to reward and encourage safe driving behavior – for example, including bonuses, gift certificates, and/or verbal recognition for clean inspections, no crashes, and/or fuel efficiency.


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