What are you doing right now to change your exposure to tail swing and sideswipe accidents? 

September 14 2017

What are you doing right now to change your exposure to tail swing and sideswipe accidents? This is one of the questions insurance companies look at each year as they evaluate your school’s insurability. In order for an insurance company to insure your district, and for you to transport students as safely as possible, you must decrease your chances of having the two most common accidents made in student transportation … tail swing and sideswipe accidents.  And there is on ... READ MORE

The Elephant in the Room (Driver Wages & Retention)

September 13 2017

By: Ray Haight Creator, Driver Retention Masterclass Are driver wages a direct reflection of the driver retention problem your company is facing?  More often than not, the answer to that question is the "Elephant in the Room" whenever I speak on this topic at industry events. Consider this... we live in a free market society. Our economy runs on a supply and demand structure. The market dictates the salary you’re paid. This is determined by the specialty of your trade and ... READ MORE

We’ve Changed Our Look

September 13 2017

We've grown and changed a lot over the last two decades. That growth has helped us evolve into one of the country's premier online training systems. Our roots started in the trucking industry, and over the last decade, they branched out to solve the training needs of schools nationwide, too.  This year, we branched out yet again.  Many of our clients started asking for content that solved the training needs of their Human Resources departments, in addition to the saf ... READ MORE


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