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Alcohol & Drug Clearinghouse has Contributed to the Truck Driver Shortage

alcohol drugs driver shortage The Truck Driver Shortage Has Made the News

The truck driver shortage has been at the top of the list for industry concerns the last five years in a row. The shortage was originally reported by the American Trucking Association (ATA) back in 2005 though.

This shortage has officially made the news finally. People have started to take notice of the... Read More

In-Person vs Online Truck Driver Training

online truck driver training, businessman, men's suit-2874597.jpg In-Person vs Online Truck Driver Training

You know your drivers need training, but how do you make that happen most efficiently? When it comes to in-person vs online truck driver training, how are you supposed to determine what will have the most impact on your safety record?

When it comes to adding a new tool to your safety plan, you want to make... Read More

Safety Record vs. Record Nuclear Verdict

safety record

Even if you have a stellar safety record, letting one bad driver in can destroy your company. It’s essential that you check the records of new hires and ensure you take action to correct bad behaviors on the road, or you could see yourself facing a nuclear verdict.

Safety Record vs. Record Nuclear Verdict

Four years ago, a teenager in... Read More

The Dangerous Impact of Smaller Truck Accident Settlements and Verdicts Under $1 Million

smaller accident settlements and verdicts

The Impact of Smaller Accident Settlements and Verdicts on the Trucking Industry

A lot of time is spent discussing the effect of nuclear verdicts, or verdicts over $10 million, but trucking accident settlements and verdicts under $1 million also have a negative effect on the trucking industry.

Between the danger of... Read More

2022 Changes to Driver Qualification File Rules

driver qualification

FMCSA’s driver qualification file rules have seen some changes for 2022. It’s important to make sure your documents are compliant with the driver qualification file requirement changes.

Road Test Certificate Requirements

Changes to the information required for a road test certificate went into effect on March 22, 2022. These changes were put... Read More

How to Plan for Driver Health During the Hot Summer Months

Plan for Summer Driver Health During the Hot Months How to Plan for Driver Health During the Hot Summer Months

Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes an extra layer of safety precautions to promote good summer driver health. As with any season, summer presents a new set of challenges to overcome as drivers navigate different climates, temperatures, and conditions in different parts of the... Read More

How Will the 2022 ELDT Mandate Affect You?

Entry Level Driver Training, ELDT, ELDT Mandate What is the ELDT Mandate?

The Entry-Level Driver Training or ELDT mandate is a federally set minimum on requirements from the FMCSA for training entry-level drivers that went into effect February 7, 2022. This mandate is meant for all states to ensure drivers meet at least the federal minimum requirements on ELDT theory and... Read More

Top 7 Driver CSA Violations and How to Improve Those Scores

highway, traffic jam, CSA violations-1929866.jpg Top CSA Violations

CSA Violations come in at number six on the list of top 10 concerns for the trucking industry according to the American Transportation Research Institute. For motor carriers, this issue comes in as fourth in priority, while drivers rank it as number 10.

This gap shows a need to help drivers understand the importance of... Read More

Staged Accidents and Fraud: A Threat to Accident Prevention

threat to accident prevention A Threat to Accident Prevention

While your company looks for methods of accident prevention for your drivers, some less honest people look to take advantage of trucking companies for a big payout. These scammers like to stage accidents in the hopes of settling or getting large sums during a lawsuit.

This threat means safety managers need to have... Read More

2022 Trucking Industry Best Practices

2022 Trucking Industry Best Practices Trucking Industry Best Practices for the New Year

As we move into the new year, it’s a good time to look forward to what can be done to improve the trucking industry. Between driver shortages and increased crash rates, things can begin to look dire.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve driver safety awareness and retain quality... Read More

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