Nationwide E&S/Specialty Partner Program

Nationwide E&S/Specialty has partnered with Infinit-I Workforce Solutions powered by Vertical Alliance Group as a best-in-class provider of online training. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions is the trusted online safety training and communications partner for 1,500+ companies and 300,000+ employees every year.

Create a culture of safety that reduces accidents, saves money, and increases profitability:

  • Leaders In Online Safety Training: 20+ years experience is what makes the difference
  • Bulletproof Documentation: Our testing and documentation show proof your workforce is well trained
  • Relentless Client Service: We become an extension of your team to ensure a successful online training program
  • Reduce Violations. Reduce Accidents: Frequent and consistent awareness training leads to better driver decisions
  • Video Content Solutions for Every Challenge: Unlimited access to over 800 online videos and courses

We make life simple and safe by streamlining your safety training, supported by our world-class Client Success Team:

  • Onboard employees efficiently and effectively
  • Frequent and consistent safety awareness training through short videos that help reduce accidents
  • Document corrective actions, HR, and EEOC compliance

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