KLLM Transport

Ricky Parker

Director of Safety

“I started using online training in 2005 with another company, and we switched over to Infinit-I in 2013. The reason we did that? The other company was charging us a set fee and we had an allotted amount of training we could do. With Infinit-I, I can do unlimited training. There are others out there that will charge you a set fee, but that set fee only includes x number of training. You go over that training allotment and you get charged extra. We were probably $800-$1200 a quarter going over our allotted amount.  We don’t have that problem anymore.”

Wilsonart International

Shelby Flaugh

Safety Manager

“Using Infinit-I has allowed me to provide quality safety training to all of our satellite locations and also to our main manufacturing plants. This system eliminated the practice of mailing training materials to these locations. It also ensured that every employee throughout the organization, regardless of location, is receiving the same training and is easily documented within the system. The feedback that I have gotten from employees has been very positive. I am looking forward to a long term relationship with Vertical Alliance Group. The customer support is outstanding and worked with me daily to answer questions when I was implementing the system.”

Robertson Williams Transport

Chris Van Meerhaeghe

Fleet Operations Manager

“We have a customer that requires special training. We posted the training on Infinit-I and were their only company that completed the training. We have a hard time getting all our employees together for training due to conflicting schedules. Infinit-I allows all of our employees to do their training at their pace. We really like that we can add our own curriculum and customize the training to our needs.”

Super Service, LLC

Jay Thomas

Executive Director

“We put our newsletter on there. If you have a company picnic or certain messages you want to send out, you can put that on their login page. We can still get messages that typically we weren’t getting out to the drivers. There’s a lot of powerful tools in the Infinit-I program.”

Moment’s Notice & Truck Driver Liaison

Cary Watkins

Vice President

“I’ve been using the Infinit-I system for over a year, and I just renewed for another year.  It is a fantastic product.  It’s all about workflow automation, increasing efficiency, and effectiveness.  I highly recommend it.”

Rummel’s Oilfield Services

Heather Graham

Human Resources / Safety Coordinator

“As a busy oilfield hot shot company, trying to complete training for drivers who are constantly on the road was a difficult task. The Infinit-I system has provided a convenient, user friendly way, to ensure our drivers get the training we require at their convenience. All they have to do is log on to our website from any computer, anywhere, and complete our customized driver training orientation. With excellent customer service and an easy to use system, Infinit-I makes driver training and record-keeping of training a simple, streamlined process.”

Action Resources

Douglas Carothers

Manager, EH&S Compliance Programs

“We needed a way to keep our drivers up-to- date on recurrent training requirements under DOT and OSHA regulations. After evaluating a couple of options, we decided to try the Infinit-I solution. Now, instead of having to pull drivers off the road for routine safety talks, they can receive updates on both timely topics like CSA BASICS, FMCSA, and PHMSA and relevant topics like OSHA either from their home-based computers or from laptops with internet connectivity. Not only have the training programs been well received by our drivers, they have also helped increase productivity and equipment utilization, allowing the drivers to spend more time on the road and less time in the classroom. Nothing will ever replace face-to-face classroom training, but now we can concentrate those efforts on the more complex subjects.”

SEM Tex Express

John Banman


“Since we started using Infinit-I, our unsafe driving scores have dropped from 82.3% to 68.8% and our fatigued driving (HOS) scores have dropped from 66% to 44%. Infinit-I is a very user friendly product and has been beneficial to my company.”

Truck One, Inc.

Jay Winegardner

President & CEO

“That’s the great thing. Vertical Alliance keeps track of everything for you. When a guy goes in to take the module, it will show whether he reviewed it and took the test. You get a report once a week. The history is there from the time the guy started to work with you. It shows everything that he looked at.”

Super Service, LLC

Jay Thomas

Executive Director

Make Your Job Easier “The customer service is outstanding. There isn’t any company that I’ve ever worked with, no matter what service they’re offering, that has customer service like Vertical Alliance. They make your job a whole lot easier. It’s really beneficial. It’s like having an extra safety person there.”

Lockton Companies, LLC

Edward J. Newman

Vice President – Risk Services

“Vertical Alliance has proven to be an excellent, service-oriented, partner for the Lockton clients we mutually share. Their Infinit-I solution provides my clients with the ability to quickly and easily adopt technology into their safety and accident prevention program resulting in measurable efficiency and improved bottom-line results. In just a few words, they are very customer focused and can be counted on to provide what they promise.”

Marco Transport

Camillia Moore

Director of Safety

“Our company has benefited greatly using Infinit-I’s online training modules. It makes what used to be a challenging task very simple and quick. Their support is always real-time and very pleasant. We’ll continue to use their service for years to come.”

Skyline Transportation, Inc.

Jeff Reed


“The venue is great. You’re really able to step back and take the time to fully understand how you can use Infinit-I to fully understand what is going on at your company.  It has been well worth the time.”

Cheney Brothers

Dave Rawicz

EHS Director

“I really actually learned a lot.  It was a great forum to allow somebody to concentrate on what the program has to offer, as opposed to being distracted or influenced by your normal work activities. Well worth attending, even if you don’t end up getting the Infinit-i program, I still learned a lot from the program, and it is definitely worth your time.  It’s a short day and a half, and it’s well worth it.”

Freight Exchange of North America

Sarah Valenzuela

Safety Coordinator

“I’ve learned so much. It puts things for any safety manager, safety personnel’s perspective, you have to look at the big picture and what you’re actually doing with the training.  Ultimately you’re reacting, but you have to know if the drivers are actually learning.  So being here, gives you so many more tools on how to implement those things, so you know the drivers are actually taking in.  Listening to other carriers talk about their experience, you get a really good sense of that.  That’s one of the biggest things I’m taking away. The learning experience, everything I’m taking back with me, obviously is going to be well worth the trip.  I’m taking so much more than I thought I was going to take back with me.”


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