How Infinit-I Helps Improve CSA Scores by 17-50%

Infiniti-I is a training, learning, & safety management system that empowers users to improve CSA scores.

Miller Truck LinesMiller Truck Lines 50% IMPROVEMENT – CSA“Year-to-date, apples-to-apples, we’ve saved about 50% in our crash ratings. Our CSA scores continue to improve every single month. For every securement violation we get, or speeding, we have a module we have drivers watch. So, each month our CSA scores have improved, and I attribute that to the Infinit-I system.”
Houston Brittain
Director of Risk Management


Lone Star Milk TransportationLone Star Milk Transport 20% IMPROVEMENT – CSA “We’ve noticed probably about 20% improvement in our CSAs. It greatly improved our maintenance scores in the CSA.”
Jim Murphy
Safety & Compliance Manager


Truck OneTruck One, Inc. 17% IMPROVEMENT – CSA “In May of 2013 we were at 78 in hours of service and 83 in maintenance. By December we were down to 64 on hours in service.”
President & CEO
Jay Winegardener

How lnfinit-I Improves CSA Scores 17-50%Up ArrowCustomization
Customize your Infinit-I platform to meet your company-specific needs. Quickly assign ongoing and corrective action training to address common CSA violations.

Set up orientation training to prepare new drivers exactly what to expect from your company. You can also upload employee handbooks, calendar events, and messages from executives to spread to the entire company, to truly make the training platform your own.

Right Up Arrow

The lnfinit-I platform can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. If there are over-the-road drivers, they can log in and complete training while they’re away from the home terminal.

This feature makes it easy to deal with important training immediately, so you can address CSA violations and other corrective action needs.

Right Down ArrowDedication
Infinit-I includes access to a dedicated Client Success Team without the wait of support tickets. Your team will work with you to ensure you get everything you need out of the system.

The Client Success team will help with initial set-up: loading all employees, custom content, and orientation documentation into the system, as well as helping you set up assignments. CSRs get to know their clients’ needs and wants and are available to answer any questions and help you set up training schedules to deal with common problem areas.

Down ArrowAutomation
We can automate reports of completed/incomplete assignments and user activity. The system will also auto-generate emails to notify employees when training is assigned and/or overdue, as well as send achievement certificates on completion of a course.

We also send automatic emails to notify administrators when training is completed. lnfinit-I is capable of running application programming interfaces (APls) that can integrate to update user lists (add users/deactivate users), make assignments for new hires, and auto-assign corrective action training.

Green ArrowRetainability
The best way to improve CSA scores is to ensure drivers understand the regulations and requirements for each metric.

The 5-8 minute videos on the lnfinit-I platform focus on a specific topic at a time and follow micro-learning study findings to ensure that the driver can retain the information presented and reduce confusion around CSA regulations.

Blue ArrowSelection
lnfinit-I has a video catalog selection of over 1,000 videos on file. We can also add custom content that is available to only the specific client requesting.

ArrowsImprove CSA Scores
Put it all together, and the Infinit-I system has all the tools you need to manage CSA scores and increase overall driver safety. Many clients have been able to experience the benefits of improving their CSA Scores by 17-50%.

Improve CSA Scores

Join a long list of successful clients who have improved CSA scores up to 50% using the tools provided by the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions platform.  Get your free live demonstration today

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Infinit-I Provides
Training for Every Industry
In-Person Boot Camp Referral
Trucking Solutions

Keep your fleet rolling with a training program developed to help reduce workplace incidents and improve CSA scores. With a content library of 1,000+ videos, we have training solutions for transportation companies of every size.

industry business
Business Solutions

We provide a Customizable Training Management System that features branded onboarding, custom reporting, human resource solutions, API integrations & tools to help improve CSA scores.

industry school
School Solutions

Infinit-I for school transportation & administration offers a centralized district training resource center, online safety training, and digital documentation.

Want to learn more about the value Infinit-I can bring to your company and ways to improve CSA scores? Join us for a Virtual Boot Camp, In-Person Boot Camp or Roundtable Webinar.

These are free programs Infinit-I offers to help you enhance your training program. Come yourself and refer friends who need help transforming their training program and improve CSA scores.

Virtual Boot Camp

Safety Management Virtual Boot Camp
Join us for a comprehensive virtual boot camp to maximize your training success. From the implementation of online training to streamlining your program rollout, receive expert advice to increase operational efficiency, reduce legal liabilities, and improve CSA scores. For more information on the Virtual Boot Camp, click here.

In-Person Boot Camp

Safety Management Boot Camp In Person Seminar
Are you responsible for safety and compliance training for your company? Sign up to attend our free training management boot camp which will allow you to meet and talk to industry peers, hear from legal and insurance experts with extensive transportation experience, and get your training questions answered so you can take real solutions home to implement immediately. Infinit-I will pay for your transportation, food, and lodging during the event. For more information on the In-Person Boot Camp, click here.

Expert Webinar Series

Webinars Looking Ahead with Industry Experts
Join us for our Expert Roundtable Webinar Series that introduces us to transportation industry experts to maximize understanding of trending topics, answer questions, and enhance your training program to improve CSA scores. For more information on the Expert Roundtable Webinars, click here.

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