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General Questions

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

An LMS is a digital classroom used for online training and communication. You can exchange information remotely with your team or through videos and modules.  

What services does Infinit-I Workforce Solutions offer?

We offer solutions for companies of all sizes in the trucking, business, and education industries. Our platform is customizable to fit your needs. We drive results by providing safety training and orientation that leads to positive behavioral changes.  

How do I generate more interest within my company?

Talk about your return on investment. This system requires minimal up-front costs. It has been proven to improve your CSA score, reduce crash frequency, and make you more defensible in a lawsuit.  

Utilizing the system also shows that you are a better insurance risk, giving you access to the best rates available amidst rising premiums.  

We can get you in touch with current users that shared your concerns for their recommendations. Don’t take our work for it, we will connect you with satisfied clients.  

How can I figure the return on investment?

We’re on it! We have an ROI report made just for you. You fill out a survey and our team will analyze your response. We will put your savings into a report to show you how Infinit-I Workforce Solutions can save your company mega dollars and cents.  

Utilizing the system also shows that you are a better insurance risk, giving you access to the best rates available amidst rising premiums.  

We can get you in touch with current users that shared your concerns for their recommendations. Don’t take our work for it, we will connect you with satisfied clients.  

Does your product help create a strong safety culture?

Most definitely! It keeps training on the top or their mind. Our videos are short and simple to understand. Micro training allows for solid retention and quick recollection for drivers, dispatchers, and the entire organization.  

How do I choose where to focus training?

Look at the areas of your operation you would like to strengthen. 

Would you like to: 

  • Lower CSA score?  
  • Improve idle time 
  • Raise work zone awareness 
  • Encourage healthy habits 
  • Improve trip planning skills 
  • Increase fuel efficiency 
  • Seasonal driving education
  • Keep your drivers safe 

Then, check out our content catalog or ask you CSR to help you customize a training packet.

How long does it take to set up my company?

Just a 15-minute chat with you CSR could save you hours every week. We have simplified our set up process to ensure we get you up and running as efficiently as possible. 

30-day Complimentary Trial

Can my company try it before we subscribe to it?

Of course, you can! As our gift to the industry, you can utilize our system for 30 days with no obligation to subscribe.  

Does the free trial give my company full access to the system?

You bet! You will be granted full access to our system and given your very own Client Success Representative. Our CSRs are obsessed with your success and will do everything they can to get you started today. 

What happens at the end of my complimentary trial?

It simply ends. You are under no obligation to make a purchase. We are confident that you will be so impressed you will stick around.  

The 30-day Complimentary Trial sounds too good to be true…

Our thoughts exactly. But we are giving you 30-days completely free. Let us prove it to you! Click here. 

Client Support 

Do I have to be a technology expert to set up and administrate the system?

Not at all! Our system is simple. We help you set up users, upload your content, and teach you how to implement a successful training initiative.  

What are the set-up costs?

Zero. No hidden fees whatsoever.   

What if the users have trouble understanding the platform?

No worries! Our outstanding client success reps can walk anyone through the system with ease.  

How do you train user admins?

Easy! Your dedicated Client Success Reps will outline the entire implementation plan for you. Step-by-step they will guide you on best practices that will give you the most benefit out of our system.  

Who helps me after the initial setup?

Your Client Success Rep, of course! You can reach us during normal business hours for help with anything you need.  

Video and Other Types of Content

What kind of content is included?

What kind of content is included?  

  • You will have access to 850+ videos and safety training that already exists in the library: Distracted Driving, Driving skills, etc.  
  • CSA, Drug/Alcohol, OSHA, HR compliance training 
  • Specialized content for Owner Operators, Entry-level drivers, etc.  
  • Training Unique to your operation: FSMA, Hazmat, Auto-Hauler etc.  

Can you help me upload my own content?

Certainly! If you have already created content for training (such as PowerPoint slide presentations, videos, and/or handbooks), we can upload it into our system. Your presentation can now be digitally assigned to all users.  

Who will have access to my custom content?

You, our team, and anyone you assign it to. Your custom content is secure on our servers and only given to the users who you assign it to.  

I do not know how to upload my own content. Can you help?

Absolutely! If you have already created content for training (such as PowerPoints or handbooks), we will upload it into our system. Your presentations will now be presented digitally to individuals on their own personal device.  

Do you offer courses in different languages?

Si! Many of our courses are offered in English and Spanish.  

Answers To Your Technical Questions

Do you offer any technical support?

Indeed. Your dedicated Client Services Representatives are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00om CST. Call us at 1(877)792-3866 

Do I have to install/download anything?

Nope, our system runs in your internet browser. No need to download or install anything.  

Can the system be accessed through any device?

Yep! You can access the system from any computer, smartphone, or tablet with your unique username/password. 

Is there an app?

There is an app available in the Android store. Call your CSR for more details!  

Are there limitations based on the size of my company?

No way! We support companies with fleets from 10-10,000+ 


Can I track which employees have completed courses?

Definitely! Users will be required to sign and acknowledge each course they complete. You will have documented, timestamped proof that they started/completed the assignment.  

Can I test them on what they learned?

Please do! Testing will ensure your users have acknowledged and retained all the information presented to them. The system will issue a certificate of completion that will hold up in court.  

What reports can I run?

To name a few: 

  • Monthly Usage Report 
  • Completion Status Report 
  • Assignment Detail Report 
  • User License Expiration Report 

Can you put my company’s brand on the site that my users will see?

We’d be delighted! That’s a great way to encourage participation and establish credibility. Your users will enjoy seeing your logo on the student dashboard, completion certificates, and the welcome page.  

Current Clients

Any advice on how to get my drivers to participate?

Great question! Content comes in short videos, so they are easy to understand and retain. And they can be watched on mobile devices for added convenience.  

I can’t log in to the system.

No problem! Have a chat with your Client Success Rep. We are here for you every stop of the way.  

Can I assign more than one course at a time?

Totally! You can assign multiple videos to a user at one time.  

Can I assign the same training package to multiple users at one time?

You bet! You can set up a template to assign course curriculum to drivers and office employees at any time. Many companies use this method for their online orientation. [link to webinar guide] 

What are the benefits of implementing remote online orientation?

  • Documentation – Every Course assigned to a driver will be automatically documented for proof of training.  
  • Social Distancing  Remote Online Orientation allows you to present orientation materials without being face-to-face. 
  • Easy transition between sectors – Drivers can easily get up to speed on the specifics of sectors they are not familiar with. Example: A laid off Oil Field worker can easily learn the basics of Reefer/Tanker.  
  • More convenient than paper copies – Company handbooks, driver manuals, HR documents, etc. are automatically filed and stored on the user’s personal device.  
  • Flexibility – Users can access content 24/7 from their mobile devices.  
  • Tracking – You will have documented, timestamped proof that they started/completed the assignment. 

Will IWS interface with my current systems?

Every client posses a unique need, and your success is our privilege. Our system can be integrated with many of your existing programs. Our clients have been successful in these areas: 

  • ELDs and Safety Systems 
  • Recruiting Systems 
  • HR Systems 
  • Transportation Management Systems 
  • Maintaining a current list of active users
  • Automatically updates user status 

How can I benefit from eLearning better than traditional safety classroom training?

  • Convenience – eLearning is interactive and can be accessed through personal computers, tablets, or smartphone. Drivers can participate in safety training from the comfort of their sleepers.  
  • Efficiency – eLearning allows you to provide safety training to your entire fleet yet doesn’t require a meeting room reservation or routing drivers into the terminal.  
  • Repetition and Consistency of the main topic – Users can review safety training any time to strengthen skills and knowledge. Frequent and consistent safety training that drives behavioral changes.  

What else can IWS provide in addition to simplified safety training?

So much! Our clients love that they have: 

  • A dedicated Client Success Representative 
  • Improved driver retention 
  • Improved driver recruiting process 
  • Reduced CSA violations and accidents 
  • Added voiceovers to their existing content 
  • Access to a ‘Best Practice’ IWS customer 
  • Access to documentation for litigation defense 
  • A platform to document corrective action 
  • Track CDL license/DOT medical expirations 
  • Much, much more.  

Can IWS help me with new Drug Alcohol Clearinghouse?

  • 10/4! We have existing content pertaining to the Drug/Alcohol Clearinghouse. Your Client Success Rep can give you all the details. 
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