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November 5

Top Trucking Industry Concerns for 2020

Join Mark Rhea and Rebecca Brewster, President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Transportation Research Institute, as they review and discuss the ATRI’s 15th annual top 10 list of trucking industry concerns.

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Intersections are a high-risk area for truckers. Join Mark Rhea and Dan O’Brien, Loss Manager for Fundamental Underwriters, as they discuss how to educate your drivers about intersection hazards.


Cooler weather brings a whole new set of challenges for your drivers. Join Mark Rhea and industry experts as they discuss how to prepare your drivers for changing weather.


FMCSA Hours of Service changes are taking effect on September 29, 2020. Join Mark Rhea and David J. Osiecki, President, Scopelitis Transportation, and Consulting, as they discuss the nature of these changes and what they mean for your drivers.


Mark Rhea discusses International Roadcheck week (September 9-11, 2020) and updates from the recent American Trucking Association Safety Management Council’s Policy Conference on upcoming changes for our industry.

Hit the Brakes! It’s Time for National Brake Safety Week

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week is August 23-29, 2020. Mark Rhea and CVSA Director of Safety Program Will Schaefer discuss how you can prepare for Brake Safety Week.

Rubber Meets the Road: Tire Maintenance in Hot Weather.

Hotter weather means more tire-related issues. Do your drivers know what to do if they experience rapid air loss in a tire while out on the road? Representatives from Michelin join host Mark Rhea and discuss how you can train your drivers to handle tire issues.

Free Resource: The Critical Six Tire Safety

Avoid the Nuclear Verdict, Prepare Your Defense Now

Attorney Peyton Inge and Mark Rhea discuss the legal steps your company needs to take now to better protect itself after an accident.

Free Resource: The Dirty Five 5 Attack Strategy 

Operation Safe Driver Week is July 12-18

Speed is a constant factor that takes continual adjustment. Your drivers must be hard-wired to think about speeding as soon as they climb in the tractor. Watch this very informative webinar featuring Mark Rhea; Christopher Turner, Director of Crash and Data Programs of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance; and Major Chris Nordloh, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement/Tactical Marine Unit, Texas Highway Patrol, discuss the upcoming CVSA Safe Driver Week, July 12-18, and what you and your drivers need to know.

Inside the Wall Meets Outside the Wall with Dan Baker

Truckers move fast.  Formalities disappear when communication is hurried.  In the rush, sometimes we forget to see each other as people.

As someone’s mom or dad.  As someone’s son or daughter, grandma or grandpa.

As the son of a trucker, and now trucking industry guru, Dan Baker has both, personal and professional, experience with the phenomenon.  And knows just how to fix it.

Learn how training and safety directors conquered the Buy-In Problem to create and sustain their safety culture year-over-year. This webinar features:

All In! How to Get the Buy-in For Your Safety Program to Succeed

You know you want a safety program. You NEED one. You wish you had it a week ago, even. But there’s a problem – you’ve never had one before and you need your boss to understand WHY this is important because he signs the check. You need other departments to understand WHY they should participate in remote training because your drivers and staff need to know human resources, and operations, and shop safety training, wherever they are located.

And you need to know HOW to get your drivers to buy-in and participate because they are behind the wheel of your trucks every day of the week.

The good news is you are not alone. Other trucking companies around this country have encountered these same challenges, and we’ve brought some of them together to share HOW THEY DID IT. They share how they got it done, what worked (and what didn’t) to make their safety training a reality, with high participation and real, tangible improvements in safety outcomes.

Navigating the Unknown; Legal Liabilities in a COVID-19 World

As shelter in place restrictions are being lifted across the country, people are eager to return to work. Employers should be aware of the accommodations you must make to ensure a safe return to normal.

  • Pandemic’s Emotional Toll
  • Mandatory Accommodations
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Your Business’s “New Normal”

Webinar: DriverReach joins Infinit-I Workforce Solutions

One-stop-shop: Innovative technology brings you a comprehensive recruiting, compliance, and learning management system.

Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach discusses how combining the power of these two platforms can strengthen your business.

Webinar: The FMCSA Crash Preventability Determination Program

Mark Rhea and trucking safety supervisor Mike McConnell discuss the FMCSA Crash Preventability Program, what it is, and how it can help your company.

Webinar: We’re In This Together: Communication & Partnership Drive Orientation

Paul Schmitz of Wayne Transports and Leslie Smith with the Infinit-I Workforce Solutions’ Client Success Team discuss how they work together to get Wayne Transports’ remote online orientation and ongoing training up and running.

Webinar: Remote Online Orientation

Marilyn Surber of Tenstreet presents her expert advice that will explain the new integration capabilities between Tenstreet and Infiniti-I Workforce Solutions, including remote online orientation.

Webinar: What Is Your COVID-19 Liability?
In this webinar,  we discuss the possible legal liabilities you might face during and after the current crisis.

Be a crisis problem-solver!
The most efficient way to tackle a problem is to anticipate its occurrence. Download a FREE Loss Mitigation Tactics overview.

Webinar: Characteristics of Great Trucking Companies

In this webinar, we discuss what the major characteristics of the best trucking companies include.

This hour-long webinar will cover:

  • Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Business Growth
  • Strong Safety Culture
  • Driver Compensation
  • And More!

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