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Brian Fielkow

Making Safety Happen Instructor

Based on his 25 years of business leadership and firsthand experiences as a current business executive, Brian Fielkow, J.D., offers a unique approach to cultivating a healthy culture. Owner of Houston-based Jetco Delivery, he is the author of Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence By Creating A Vibrant Culture, a comprehensive guide for building strategic company culture. He has developed a proven formula that directly ties a company’s culture to its bottom line by empowering employees, managing and driving change, and distinguishing between values and priorities.

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Dan Baker

Dispatcher/Driver Relationship Program Instructor

Dan Baker is a nationally known speaker, teacher, and consultant to the trucking industry. He travels extensively throughout the United States and Canada, working with numerous trucking companies of all sizes and types. He speaks at meetings and gatherings of all kinds, from driver safety meetings, to award dinners, state and national conventions, to in-company seminars and symposiums.

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Ray Haight

Driver Retention Masterclass Instructor

Ray Haight inherited the small trucking company his dad built. He logged over one million accident free miles as an owner-operator.  Over the course of 16 years, he grew the company to a fleet of 50 trucks, primarily focused on refrigerated freight.  He then found himself with a unique opportunity to merge with another company.  After the merger, he became the President and COO of a fleet of 300.  And like many trucking companies across the nation, the fleet faced a growing epidemic … driver turnover!

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Tim Scott

CDL Instructor

Tim Scott developed Online CDL Training to help prospective truck drivers spend less time in the classroom, save money, and get better results on the test.  Tim noticed that many of the drivers who were enrolled at one of his trucking schools would spend 240 hours in a classroom to prepare for the written portion of the test, but only 76% would pass the exam.

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