Driver Retention Masterclass

What’s it Going to Take to Reduce Your Driver Turnover by 50% in the Next 12 Months?

Several years ago, a little boy would eagerly wait for his father to come home from his long haul trips. On warm sunny days, he would join his dad in the yard as the duo used a water hose and bucket full of suds to make that big semi-truck sparkle. The time his father was at home always seemed to go by fast, and soon he found himself waving bye from the end of the driveway, as his pops headed off on the next long haul.

As the years went by, that little boy grew up to be a trucker, too. He logged over one million accident free miles as an owner-operator, before starting his own trucking company. Over the course of 16 years, his company grew to a fleet of 50 trucks, primarily focused on refrigerated freight. The successful business owner then found himself with a unique opportunity to merge with another company. After the merger, he became the President and COO of a fleet of 300. And like many trucking companies across the nation, the fleet faced a growing epidemic … driver turnover!

As the President and COO of that company, he recognized that contrary to popular beliefs in the industry, driver turnover is not systemic to the occupation of driving a truck. He believed it was the result of poor company wide human relation policies, and until those were fixed, all of the Band-Aid type solutions the company was implementing weren’t going to alleviate the driver turnover problem … which for his company was sitting at 120%.

Sitting in a boardroom, surrounded by a team of leaders, he asked one question, “What’s it going to take to reduce our driver turnover by 50% in the next 12 months?” That question kicked off a two year project where the leaders of the organization did deep dive self-examinations of their departments. This lead to creating and implementing real strategies that made drivers not only want to come and work for them, but also made those drivers want to stay long term.

Learn the Step-By-Step Process Used to Take a 300 Fleet Company from 120% Driver Turnover to 20% Driver Turnover in Just 2 Years

Under the direction of a dedicated President & COO, his leadership team set out on a mission. They were dedicated to becoming a BEST-IN-CLASS TRUCKING COMPANY, instead of the “also-ran” company they’d been seen as by drivers over the years. It took a lot of research, a lot of strategy, a lot of meetings, and a lot of change … but in the end, it paid off. Not only did they reduce the driver turnover by 100%, but they also significantly improved their company’s profitability.

The best part about this story … you can do it, too!

Meet the Man Who Grew Up to Transform the Way Companies Think About Driver Retention

You may already know Ray Haight. He’s served the industry in many ways over the years. You may have met him when he filled one of the leadership roles below:

  • Past Chairman Truckload Carriers Association
  • Past Chairman Professional Truck Drivers Institute
  • Past Chairman North American Training & Management Institute
  • Past Chairman of Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities
  • Co-Founder of TCA inGuage

But the thing that should inspire you the most about Ray Haight is how he managed to solve one of the biggest problems plaguing the trucking industry today … driver turnover.

Turnover is Not an Unavoidable Evil of the Industry

Over the course of two years, Ray Haight and his team discovered a lot of things, most importantly, they realized people stay in situations they like and feel comfortable in, and they leave those that they do not like. A driver’s core values have to match your company’s. You can build an entire retention strategy around that simple thought.

Ray Haight did exactly that.

Now he’s put together a comprehensive training program designed to teach other trucking companies how to do the exact same thing. The video training series walks trucking executives through the steps they need to take to create the kind of company a driver never wants to leave. This program is designed for trucking companies who are tired of throwing away $6000 to $12000 per driver lost … and who are ready to conquer the people side of their business.

What You Get with the Program

Driver Retention Masterclass Online Course
Hosted on the Infinit-i Workforce System, this comprehensive online training video series walks you through the strategy, philosophy, and exercises your company must go through to improve driver retention.

Driver Retention Masterclass Workbook
A step-by-step guide that walks you through setting up the measurables and other action steps your company must take as you create a driver-centric culture.

2 Day Live Event Facilitator Masterclass
A two day event hosted in Dallas, Texas, where the facilitator for your Driver Retention Masterclass program learns in-depth the steps your company needs to take to conquer driver retention.

“I’ve been at the helm of a company with 120% turnover. It was at a time when the company I was running was growing at an exponential rate, and I just lost sight of what was going on with our turnover. We took our driver turnover numbers from 120% to 20% turnover in under 24 months. We went from needing to hire 300 plus drivers to maintain a fleet of 275 trucks over a one year timeframe to needing to hire under 60 in 24 months for a fleet size of 290 trucks. In retrospect, we could have called it a safety initiative because our accident rate plummeted and so did our insurance cost. We could have called it a profitability initiative because as we streamlined our processes to become driver centric. We also became much more efficient and much more profitable.”

Ray Haight – Creator, Driver Retention Masterclass

Become a Driver-Centric Company

“They say there is no magic bullet to this thing called driver turnover, but I think they are wrong. There absolutely is a magic bullet. It’s not easy nor is it a quick fix, but there is a cure. As deep as the problem is, that’s how deep you need to get in your company to start attacking driver turnover. You’ve got to strip it down and build it back up again focusing on those related things that undermine driver retention. You’ve got to build it up on a firm foundation. This program will walk you through the steps to do exactly that.” ~Ray Haight