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For many companies, the 750+ training videos in the Infinit-I Workforce System Catalog are more than enough to conquer their training needs. But some companies have unique challenges they are focused on solving. To help combat some of the most daunting problems facing the trucking industry, Vertical Alliance Group offers Premium Training Modules, produced by some of the top experts in the industry. Premium modules can be purchased as stand alone products or as add-on training materials to the Infinit-I Workforce System Catalog.

Dispatcher Driver Relationship Program

The central, most important relationship in any trucking company is the dispatcher/ driver relationship. Dan Baker’s program features down-to-earth, real-world, say-it-like-it-is information. Additionally, it comes with all types of ideas for follow-up training after completing the lessons. The curriculum is good for anyone wh…

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Driver Retention Masterclass

What’s it going to take to reduce driver turnover by 50& over the next 12 months? Ray Haight knows the answer, and he’s bundled it into a simple solution. The Driver Retention Masterclass is designed for executive teams who are ready to solve the plague in the industry. Using the tactics taught in this course, Ray reduced t…

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Making Safety Happen

When it comes to safety, it’s less about rules and regulations and more about managing behavior and realizing that safety is not a cost. Safety is a strategic choice with profound results to our company’s bottom line.

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Online CDL Training

Studying for the CDL exam is a daunting task to say the least. By focusing on the most important parts of the exam in short intense training exercises followed by tests, students learn better, faster, and are not intimidated by the sheer volume of material that the manual presents. Companies using this program have reported 90% pass rates on exams…

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