Train. Track. Empower.

With Infinit-I Workforce System, you can train your employees with the world’s best system from anywhere at anytime. You can track their results and progress, as well as keep your records accessible and ready at a moments notice. You can empower your company with the ability to accomplish more than ever before.

Employee Training and Development

Leading, training, and developing employees is a daunting task for companies who find themselves buried in paperwork and lengthy onboarding processes. The Infinit-I Workforce System helps alleviate these problems. This state-of-the art e-learning platform makes it easy to automate new employee training, provide ongoing coaching, and document corrective action measures with just a few mouse clicks.

Staff Training for Schools

School administrators have a daunting task of juggling multiple training platforms and tracking down staff who miss in-service meetings to complete training. The Infinit-I Workforce System streamlines this process, removing mountains of training paperwork, while still ensuring all staff, new-hires, substitute teachers, and bus drivers are in compliance with your district’s policies and state mandated training requirements.

Safety Training for Trucking Companies

Rules and regulations change on a regular basis. Many companies are still using DVDs for training, and that makes training expensive to keep up with on a timely basis. More importantly, those long DVDs bore drivers. The Infinit-I Workforce System offers short, up-to-date training videos that not only make training affordable, but they also allow you to keep drivers engaged through their training.



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Using the Power of Infinit-I Workforce System

Over 1100 companies now use the Infinit-I Workforce System to empower their employees to exceed expectations through better training and streamlined processes that lead to higher profitability.