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While Infinit-I Workforce Solutions began as a learning management system for the transportation industry, we have grown to provide training solutions for all industries with We Are Training.com.

Increase employee performance without costly workflow disruptions using our online training platform. Employees can access training from any device with an internet connection, so they can complete their assignments from anywhere.

Short 5-8-minute videos increase comprehension and reduce training time so employees can focus on productivity.

We Are Training.com is a fully supported training management system that makes employee development training easy for everyone.

Three-Component Employee Development System

Learning Management System

Intuitive platform for ease-of-use to improve employee participation.

Tracks user progress so users and admins can ensure content is understood and completed.

Automated reports to analyze user data to ensure business and training goals are met.

Employee Development Content

Access a full library of content developed to address common workplace issues.

Include company expertise into your training program with custom content integrations.

Add licensed content, Youtube videos, public domain content, or any other 3rd party training materials available to your company.

Admin Support

Your dedicated client success team will help you setup and guide you through ongoing admin needs.

Get technical support for users and admins to help manage your company platform and guide through reports.

Access expert knowledge to help address your specific needs.

All Industries Safety Management System LMS- Accident Prevention for medium to Light Vehicle Fleets

All Industries Safety Management System LMS - Food Safety Modernization Act Sanitary transportation Rules

All Industries Safety Management System LMS - Workers Safety and Injury Prevention Training

All Industries Safety Management System LMS - Occupational Health and Safety Administration Training


We Are Training.com will help with all your training needs: orientation, ongoing, and corrective action.

Develop a pre-orientation training schedule for new hires to provide job-specific training to help them succeed.

Frequent and consistent training enhances comprehension and helps develop positive behaviors in employees. Set up ongoing training and development to keep right behaviors and procedures top of mind.

Add training to your corrective action process to remind and enforce best practices.


  • Drive right employee behaviors in every department
  • Improve employee retention
  • Train remote and work from home employees
  • Improve training consistency across multiple facilities
  • Ensure part-time employees receive the same training and development as full-time employees
  • Reduce exposure to regulatory compliance issues
  • Reduce injury-related risks
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