Protect Your Company with Online Safety Training

  • Digital records to increase defendability during depositions
  • Protect your company during audits
  • Lowers CSA scores
  • Increase insurability
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce workers comp claims
  • Increase overall safety
  • Save millions of dollars on court costs, insurance costs, and claims

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Increase Defendability with Online Training

“The ultimate question is, can you defend that driver among those 12 people (Jury)? Can you be put on the witness stand and defend them in that court room?”
Pat Landreth
Pat Landreth with Ozark Motor Lines

Onboarding, Ongoing, and Corrective Action Training

Develop an ongoing safety program that can help protect you in court and prove an effective safety record when negotiating insurance rates. Reduce claims, improve safety, and protect yourself from costly damages.

Make sure you have the documentation you need to prove your safety record in court. All your training, records, and documentation in one place so you know you’re covered.

Online Training and Digital Records Help Increase Defendability by Proving Your Safety Efforts

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions safety management system provides date and time-stamped records of all training so you can prove your safety record.

Online training makes it easier for drivers to access and complete training. Set up your training schedule and let the system take care of the rest.

Drivers can access training from any device with an internet connection so they can complete it when it fits their schedule. Track participation and easily access records so safety is less of a hassle.

Start drivers out with safety top of mind. Keep safety a priority with ongoing training. Include training as part of your corrective action process to remind employees of proper safety behaviors.

Create a culture of safety that will stand up in audits and in court.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions provides the employee training you need to…

  • Help protect against plaintiff attorneys
  • Defend your safety record during depositions
  • Feel assured during audits
  • Streamline tracking and record keeping
  • Easily set training ahead of time so you know drivers are getting the training they need
  • Provide training employees can access from any device, anywhere to increase participation

Increased defendability during depositions testimonial

“When a driver has an accident, if there is going to be any pending litigation, it usually takes a while for that process to go. Now that we are into our third year (with Infinit-i), I’ve gotten two of those.

Let me tell you what. It made me feel good to sit there at my desk and pull both of them up, and both of those guys had watched every video we had [given] them with a 100% (passing rate). I printed off the spreadsheets, and I went and printed off each individual certificate.

When the plantiff’s attorney sees that – because that’s the biggest fight. That’s the first question in almost every deposition I’ve been in, ‘Tell me about your training program.’”
Danny Herman Trucking
Steve Frantz, VP of Safety

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