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A Message from Jay Wommack, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions CEO

America’s professional drivers cover a lot of ground and face risk in every mile they travel. One of those risks, while infrequent, is disease. The CDC says, “travel is a potent force in the emergence of disease.” In a pandemic, having access to accurate, factual information is vital to protect your company and your employees. This is not the first pandemic this country has faced, and it will not be the last. Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has created this website to inform it customers, as well as give the community an opportunity to share information, best practices, and experiences to help us all weather this storm together.

What Do you Need Right Now?

How is your company handling the crisis?

Are your drivers trained on how to minimize their exposure to coronavirus? Now that FMCSA hours of operation restrictions have been relaxed, are you still maintaining best practices with your drivers?

Are policies in place to handle a health emergencies on the other side of the country?

Do you have policies to inform a client that your driver might have inadvertently exposed their company to the illness? Look in your toolbox and tell us what tools you’re missing.

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Spreading Awareness in Our Community

In order to spread awareness about what your drivers are facing and get more people invested in that education, we are making Infinit-I Workforce Solutions available to the families of client employees at no additional charge. To take advantage of this, please reach out to your Client Success representative today.

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