A Message from Jay Wommack, Infinit-I Workforce Solutions CEO

America’s professional drivers cover a lot of ground and face risk in every mile they travel. One of those risks, while infrequent, is disease. The CDC says, “travel is a potent force in the emergence of disease.” In a pandemic, having access to accurate, factual information is vital to protect your company and your employees. This is not the first pandemic this country has faced, and it will not be the last.

Infinit-I Workforce Solutions has created this website to inform our customers, as well as give the community an opportunity to share information, best practices, and experiences to help us all weather this storm together.


During this time of crisis, we need to ensure two things continue to happen:

  1. Transportation of vital goods and necessary food items are continually being distributed
  2. Communication with drivers, dispatchers, and other employees is paramount

Trucking & Logistics are at the forefront of helping us get through the Coronavirus national emergency. To that end, we are re-focusing our company’s efforts to assist in this time of need.

Let us support you in the effort to improve the health and safety of our industry during these difficult times! We MUST do everything we can to keep logistical supply lines open. Complete the form and sign for a 30-day Complimentary Trial.

Existing clients, please reach out to your Client Success Representative for additional benefits.

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